7 beneficial tips for the health of your hair

Explore our tips and guide on hair care. Let’s get started!!!Do not clarify at all. Agree. We take it for granted that you know (and practice) the importance of applying the mask once or twice a week. But you may do it quickly and without letting it act long enough. It is important that, whenever possible, you let it act longer than usual, especially in summer, when the hair is drier. Recommended? Between 5 and 20 minutes. How? “It should be done after washing, after drying the hair with a towel and without detangling it, spreading it strand by strand. And applying heat with a transparent film or with a hot wet towel ”, recommends María Baras. And if you are going to go down to the beach or go to the pool later, note another trick: do not completely rinse your hair and leave some mask to act as a barrier and prevent the chlorine from penetrating directly. Know how to choose. The health of your hair depends a lot on the quality and type of products you use. Hence, it is essential to know the state of your scalp and hair in order to correctly choose the shampoo you need. To find out, you can carry out a very simple but very efficient check: open a line on your scalp and observe its color. If the color is pink, it is healthy (so you can use a normal shampoo depending on the result you want to choose: more volume, smooth ... On the other hand, if the scalp has a dull or grayish color, you may have a problem with blood flow and dry hair. And if it is a yellowish color, they are indications of a greasy tendency. In these two cases, choose a specific shampoo for each problem. Use Streax hair Serum to add more strength to the hair ends.  Are you sure it's greasy? Having fine hair that loses the freshness of the wash over the hours can mislead us and make us think that we have oily hair and use a purifying shampoo that you may not need. And it is quite common to confuse fat with hyperhidrosis. But it is also very simple to clear the doubt. How? As the Pantene expert explains , putting a piece of tissue on the root so that it becomes impregnated. Once that paper has dried, if a yellowish stain appears, it is grease. If not, it is an excess of sweating, and therefore, you should not treat it as excess oil or use purifying or specific shampoos for oily hair. Start with the tips. The way you dry detangle your hair when you wake up is also extremely important. "The ideal is to brush completely dry and gently, starting with the ends, continuing through the middle and ending at the root", explains the technical manager of Termix , who points out another fundamental gesture: "Make brushing a gentle massage to our scalp facilitates the supply of nutrients to the hair bulb. You will notice that your hair becomes shinier and thicker, ”he explains. A professional dryer. Although one of the best treatments that you can give your hair is to let it air dry , if you frequently use the dryer (one of the gestures that dehydrates your hair the most) try to use a professional dryer. As Eduard Bolona explains , "the big difference between a non-professional dryer and a professional one is power". And is that a professional dryer "helps reduce drying time", and therefore also reduces the damage to which we subject it. And if you go swimming ... If you go swimming, a gesture that can also help prevent damage to your hair is knowing how to correctly choose the cap with which you are going to protect your hair from chlorine. The key is that it is lycra. Discard the rubber or silicone ones because they can damage your hair, as María Baras recalls . If, in addition to the hat, you are going to collect your hair, keep in mind another maxim: choose fabric rubber bands and avoid hairpins and plastic rubber bands because you could break it. And animal proteins. In addition to nutritional supplements, it is very important to take care of what you eat to maintain the health of your hair. Miracle diets and sudden weight changes directly affect the appearance (and health) of your hair. Therefore, in addition to eating in a balanced way , it is important to take into account another maxim: the proteins that we ingest in our diet are directly involved in the formation of keratin. That is why it is essential not to suppress the consumption of proteins (present in eggs, milk, cheese, fish and meat) and also enhance the consumption of linoleic acid, B vitamins, magnesium and zinc. The consumption of vegetable proteins (present in legumes) and red fruits, possessing high levels of antioxidants, is also essential .