Best online Facebook video downloaders (Latest 2021)

Today Facebook beats other social networking technology applications and has 2.5 billion users around the world. You can imagine a lot of content being posted on Facebook every hour. Some of it is just funny or entertaining user content, and some could be your favorite band's newly released music video or a celebrity's cooking and gym video. Sometimes you really want to download Facebook videos to review or share with others. As we said, they can be music videos, trailers, memorable clips from your friends, documentaries or anything else. The problem is that you need to download them to save them to your device's storage and watch them offline. But the Facebook app does not provide this option for videos playing on Fb watch. So how to download Facebook videos? Quite possibly, you need the help of a third party - online websites or online Fb downloaders. What is an online Facebook video downloader? -SnapSave -GetfVid -Getfbstuff -Smallseotools, ... Summary: -Which downloader is the best -Is it legal to download videos from Facebook? -If you want to download videos regularly, choose an app or a website? Suggested Online Facebook video downloaders - Pros and Cons SnapSave One of the most commonly used downloaders today is SnapSave.App - The World's First 2k, 4k Facebook Video Downloader . This is an online website that provides your Facebook video download service in seconds with a few simple steps. You just need to have the link of the video you want to download and paste the video link into the link input section of the website. After a few seconds you will have the video quality options and start downloading. The site does not require you to register an account to use and is completely free. You can download public, private and even online videos in the best possible quality. Pros: -Easy-to-see interface -Multiple language options and video quality -Download time is only a few seconds -Public, private, live videos can be downloaded and converted to audio files -Absolutely free -Convert Mp3, Mp4 Cons: -No GetfVid Getfvid is one of the most familiar Facebook video downloaders. You can download Facebook videos to Mp4 or Mp3 formats of your choice and it's free. Similar to Snapsave, you can add a utility to use it more often and more conveniently, and the steps are similar: copy the link, paste the link and download it. Pros: -Public and private videos can be downloaded, directly -Free to use -Safe, do not save a copy of the video -Can convert Mp3 or Mp4 Cons: -Not many formats -Lots of annoying ads Getfbstuff This online tool allows users to download online videos from Facebook in any quality and format they want. Just copy the link to the Facebook video, paste it into the downloader at the top of the homepage, and click download. If you do not want to use a lot of data, choose a low quality format, but you can also get the highest video quality. If the video is private, use the private video downloader on the website. Pros: -User-friendly interface -Fast and no ads -Support multiple formats Cons: -No video to audio converter -The interface is difficult to use Smallseotools With this website, you just need to copy the URL of the video from Facebook and paste it in the text box. With constant updates, this app is always available and free but if you want more tools and options you need a subscription and there is a fee. This website can handle any type of facebook video, just copy the links and go back to what you were doing because you can watch your video afterwards. Pros: -Multiple video formats -Almost free, easy to use -High safety Cons: -Pay fees for some upgraded features -More ads Summary Due to the lack of time to watch or want to share them with others, the demand for downloading videos is increasing day by day. However, the copyright factor is always considered first whether it is a public, private Facebook video or a live video. The above video downloaders will help you save the most time to experience downloading videos with 2-3 extremely simple steps. As we have compared in the tables above about the advantages and disadvantages of 4 online applications / websites Fb video downloader, you can consider and choose which one is best for you. When saving videos for offline viewing, make sure you respect copyright and comply with the law. Often the use of such an online site is useful when the need to download Fb videosis required. This will save you space and memory. If you need long-term use, you should consider downloading to a smartphone. If you use your computer often to surf Fb, then choose to add an extension. Hope this information is useful to you!