How to Use a Shiatsu Massager: A Complete Guide

If you have been the unfortunate victim of a long day at work, or feel like you are constantly on edge due to stress and anxiety, then Shiatsu Massage may be for you. This type of massage therapy focuses on applying deep pressure to specific points in the back with the fingers and thumbs to stimulate blood flow and relieve stress and muscle tension. How does it work? How can this help me? How can I use this technique myself using a Shiatsu Massager ? These questions will all be answered below! What is shiatsu massage? Shiatsu massage is a type of therapy that has been used for centuries by Eastern Medicine practitioners as an alternative medicine solution to healing ailments such as depression, anxiety disorders, and high blood pressure. The goal of this therapeutic technique is to stimulate your muscles to relieve stress and tension. How does it work? How can I use this on myself at home? I will answer these questions below! How do you use a shiatsu massage tool:  The person receiving the treatment lies down on their stomach with arms crossed over their chest to grip the armrests while keeping their knees bent. This helps them remain relaxed during treatments or just sitting in front of the device while using it too (think like a massage chair!).They will then lean their head forward so that it is resting on the device, and they can see either a screen or an image of someone else who has had this treatment. This helps them stay engaged while receiving shiatsu massage therapy. While doing this, you position your fingers to apply pressure with one hand at a time to move up and down the back vertically as well as diagonal motion across horizontally until all areas are touched. The other hand should be placed just off to the side for safety purposes if something happens during use, such as sliding too far over the edge. Benefits of Shiatsu Massage: -Relieves Stress: Shiatsu massage releases muscle tension in the back and neck, leading to deep relaxation of muscles. This is great for people who suffer from chronic pain or stress due to working long hours, taking care of a loved one with special needs, or any other physical activity that leads to exhaustion. -Improves Circulation: One significant benefit of this type of therapy is improved circulation throughout your body. How does it do so? By applying continuous pressure on specific points to stimulate blood flow! This will be more beneficial if you have had circulatory issues such as high blood pressure before because they have an even greater chance of lowering their BP during treatment sessions without medication! Shiatsu Massage is a technique that you can apply to yourself! How? If you prefer at-home remedies, you will want to make sure the person receiving treatment has their head supported on your lap so they do not fall off the device. This way, both hands are free to use for them to maneuver around without any issues. Once situated and comfortable with this position, lean back into support while using one hand at a time (or even alternating) and place pressure only where needed. The goal should be deep penetration on specific points such as those found around your spine or neck area. Final Words: Shiatsu massage therapy is a type of bodywork that can be used for people suffering from chronic stress and anxiety. It's also great at relieving muscle tension in the back, neck, and shoulders. If you are interested in learning more about how this technique works or want to use it yourself, read on!