Types of Essays Used in Academic Writing

Before you start writing any type of essay, it is important to know the different types of essays. You also need to know the fundamentals of writing each essay. An essay is a piece of writing that looks into a certain topic. The essay format is used in providing a thesis statement and providing a solution to a chosen subject. Essays can be short or long, formal or informal depending on the intention and instructions provided by your instructor. You can be given a task like analytical report writing to write about on you do not know where it falls.Types of essays1. Descriptive essays:Descriptive essays focus on describing a topic to the readers for them to get its good impression. It uses intense sensory descriptions such as touch, smell, taste, sound, and sight. These essays tend to be brief. E.g., describing a certain observation. Data collected may be used to support your description of subjects. Similar to narrative essays, descriptive essays should be creative. If given such an essay to write about and you are stuck, you can seek custom essay writing help.2. Argumentative/persuasive essays: These types of essays aim to convince the readers of a certain position, opinion, or view on a topic.  You are required to look at the key issues, present the existing arguments and evaluate any evidence behind the arguments. You should also convince the reader that your position is better than the view you are opposing. You should also choose a debatable subject for your argumentative essay.3. Reflective essay: It is also called a personal or narrative essay. This type of essay focuses on one’s perspectives and experiences about a subject. It is commonly assigned to college students. It involves reflecting and writing about your experiences. E.g., you may be told to write about your childhood experiences. Narrative essays are autobiographical. When writing them, you should be creative and write about facts. Scholarship and admission essays can be placed in this classification.These essays are personal because they depend on your experience and perspective on a topic. These essays may also involve examining what leads to certain perspectives on a certain issue. This process may involve appreciating other people's views about certain issues. Also understanding that the environment affects other people’s experiences. 4. Expository essay type:It is also referred to as a definition essay. It intends to define a certain concept or explain an idea without developing an argument. This type of essay answers certain questions. I.e., How is lead manufactured?When writing an expository essay, you should help the reader understand the topic and provide your ideas about the topic. The expository essay can also include; compare and contrast essays, analyzing cause and effect, examples, etc. it is common type of essay writing in academic and workplace assignments. Examples of topics that can be written in expository essay format include;Certain marketing strategy A biological or a medical condition A technological or social process Character or life of a famous person 5. Critical analysis essay: A critical essay is based on literature. When given such kind of an essay to write, you should break down a certain piece of literature. After this, then argue about the intention of the author. Similar to argumentative essays, critical analysis essays follow the following format Introduction thesis Body Body conclusion This format involves writing topic sentences at the beginning of the paragraphs. The topic sentences are backed up by the subsequent sentences. 6. Compare and contrast essay: This type of essay places two subjects aside and brings out the differences and similarities between them. They have two sections. One section gives the similarities and the other one illustrates the differences between the subjects.7. Cause and effect essays: This type of essay intends to show the relationship between things. They describe how the occurrence of something led to the occurrence of the other. They are organized chronologically. Cause and effect explain the cause of a certain thing first then show its effect.Other types of essays that you need to be familiar with Scholarship/admission essay: After graduating from high school, you may be required to write an admission essay to the college you want to enroll. To succeed in writing this type of essay you should; Explain why you think you are fit for the college Write your strengths and weaknesses Explain why you have chosen your specific area of study Explain how you will contribute to the growth of the college and the society Process analysis essay: This essay type can be placed in expository essays. It explains step by step the process of doing something. I.e., how to bake a cake. If given such kind of an essay to write, mention all the steps involved and discuss each in detail.Informative essays These essays cover certain topics giving detailed descriptions, using special terms, and providing evidence. To write such kind of an essay you should be an expert in the topic provided by your instructor.To sum up Writing an essay becomes easier when you are familiar with different essay types. When given an essay to write about, identify where it falls. Use the provided guidelines for the category it falls into to write your essay.