Why ethical hacking is all the rage?

With the rise of the thriving digital age that makes our planet a much smaller and highly connected place, data becomes more important than ever. Thanks to rapid technological innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing, the world is witnessing an overwhelming wave of better software, applications and devices day after day. But these new technologies are not free of loopholes; loopholes that can be easily manipulated and misused by some malicious hackers for financial or other gains. According to studies, the global cost of cybercrime will hit $11.4 million per minute by next year. Yes, you read that right: $11.4 million every 60 seconds! As cyber incidents are on a staggering rise all over the world, it is no surprise that we are seeing a surge in the demand for cybersecurity professionals as well. Cybersecurity is the practice of securing one’s digital systems, networks, software and hardware against cyber threats. One of the main offensive branches of cybersecurity, ethical hacking, has also been quite in the spotlight recently. Ethical hacking is, now, carving its space as a necessity in our digital world that is heavily riddled with malicious hackers. Students are becoming highly interested in ethical hacking as a promising career option and therefore enrolling themselves in ethical hacking course online, while employers are looking to hire them in large numbers. Apart from Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, many other companies and entrepreneurs are also demanding the services of white hat hackers earnestly. What is the reason behind this catastrophic success of ethical hacking? It has no constraints in terms of educationThis might seem like a small thing, but education plays an important role in any vocation’s success. Unlike scientists who need to have a strong and lengthy science background in school and college, ethical hackers don’t need a computer science degree mandatorily. Anyone, literally anyone, can become an ethical hacker, irrespective of their age and educational background. This is one of the reasons why ethical hacking is a popular career choice for people these days. Even if you are a mid-career professional, you can undertake an ethical hacking course, get your certification and kickstart your new career as a white hat hacker. It’s as simple as that. It opens up numerous opportunities in cybersecurityUnlike many other fields, where your certification only allows you to assume one or two job roles, ethical hacking opens up multiple doors for you. Taking the much revered CEH course, for example, will enable you to become a vulnerability analyst, information security analyst, security consultant, penetration tester or an information security manager. On top of this, ethical hacking, and cybersecurity in general, is of a universal nature, meaning that almost every industry, company, business, or organisation requires the services of cybersecurity professionals. Except those who solely rely on brick and mortar establishments, everyone in the world has a digital infrastructure that they need to protect. This characteristic of cyber security makes white hat hacking a much favourable career among students.  It has a higher job satisfactionImagine going to your job knowing that you are making a difference in the world. This is not a privilege that every profession enjoys. However, cyber security professionals and especially ethical hackers know that they are making the world a better and safer place every day when they go to work. Job satisfaction is a significant factor in choosing career paths. It is easy to step in a profession, but hard to maintain yourself in it and job satisfaction plays a key role in this. Without work fulfilment, even monetary benefits tend to lose their significance.  So, what are your thoughts about this exciting profession?