Right to seek medical treatment

 Once you have chosen your doctor for your workplace injury or illness, you cannot easily change to another one. Your chosen physician is instrumental to claiming workers’ compensation since s/he would determine –• Your diagnosis• The treatment plan• The duration of your recovery period• Whether you have a temporary or permanent injury• Whether you can return to the same job or need a lighter dutyYour benefits will largely depend upon your doctor’s conclusions and your compensation would only cover what your doctor determines ‘medically necessary’ for your treatment. You may seek help of a workers’ comp lawyer if you do not understand the complex workers’ comp law.You can apply to the ICA for approval if the insurance company doesn’t agree to change of the treating physician. Doctors, hired by your employer or the employer’s insurance company may be more interested in lowering the insurance company’s payout. If you continue seeing the employer’s or the insurance company’s doctor after one visit, that doctor automatically becomes your treating physician.In Arizona, most workers have the right to seek medical treatment from a health care provider of their choice after suffering a China Copper Clad Steel Wire Manufacturers in China work-related injury. The application must include –• Your claim information• Your signature• The names and addresses of your current doctor and the doctor you want to transfer treatment to• An explanation detailing why you want to transfer your medical careIf you are injured in a workplace accident, you should know your rights, including whether can choose your treating physician. But your employer can send you to see a doctor of its choice for one visit.  Your medical care provider who treats your work-related injury or illness is instrumental to your recovery as well as getting the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.Choosing the doctor is one of the most important decisions in your work comp case that may impact your physical recovery and wage benefits. It is possible only with approval from your current treating physician and your employer’s insurance company or the ICA.The Right to Choose my DoctorIf your employer is self-insured for workers’ comp and contracts medical care with a physician registered with ICA or the Industrial Commission of Arizona, you have to seek treatment from a doctor chosen by your employer. However, your ability to choose your own doctor depends on your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. This is why, it is important to consult a doctor who has your best interests in mind.However, if your employer has workers’ compensation insurance through a private company (which is more common than self-insurance), you have the right to choose your own doctor.