10 Weard Things welmart sell in 2019

People sometimes buy some weird things when they're shopping. But while they can be super bizarre, many of the products that people get on Walmart are actually pretty brilliant - all you have to do is look past an item's oddity and focus on how beneficial it can be. Scrolling through the Walmart Hot Picks or Movers & Shakers pages can be so much fun. They are constantly being updated, with some pretty peculiar and unusual products being added every day You  can also buy this wear things for free By using the Free Walmart Gift Card and enjoy the wear things and also you can earn credit with this Gift Cards. With that being said, it's sometimes hard to look past the novelty of an item and actually imagine buying yourself something that seems a bit out there. But several of these items are actually very practical and sometimes even multifunctional. I, for one, have bought things just because of how unique or strange they looked in the past, later to find just how useful they really were. The next time you spot something weird on Walmart, don't just take a peek and then click away. Instead, actually read the product description you might be surprised how handy that item could be in everyday life. From an alarm clock that tracks your sleep patterns to underwear that keeps you smelling extra fresh, you'll fall in love with so many of these odd yet genius items. 1. Chia Uncle Si Robertson Some of the most unique Walmart deals made their initial appearance on the small screen. For the “Duck Dynasty” fan in your life, consider the As Seen on TV Chia Pet  Uncle Si Robertson,  Decorative clay planter that sprouts a wonderful, green, lush chia beard in just a week or two. And the best part: It costs less than $8, helping you save even more money at this retailer if you usually do most of your gift shopping here. And in case one beard-bearing Chia Pet isn’t enough, Walmart also offers a Chia Willie Robertson, a Chia Kermit, Chia Zombies, Chia Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more. 2. 3D Chrome VIP Lounge Toilet Seat Sure, the price tag is nearly $50. But if you’ve ever wanted to create that feeling of exclusivity in your very own bathroom — and who wouldn’t? — consider this VIP Lounge Toilet Seat available on the Walmart website through its Marketplace partner program. This wood-composition toilet with a chrome finish seat is decorated with “diamond-look gems” and embossed letters that will have you feeling like a VIP every time you VI-pee. 3. 2 Hot Does Estrus Scent Are you a hunting enthusiast? Do you have a hunter in the family whose favorite sport is deer? If so, this is just one of the many hunting products designed to attract animals through smell. This “all-natural, Estrus-blend formula” keeps both local does and bucks intrigued, according to the item’s description. This is how it works: The scent “mimics nature” and attracts bucks to your area. If you’re near does that are actively breeding, it’s advised you place three to four scent wicks upwind of your hunting spot. Just don’t spill any on your clothes. 4. Official Major League Baseball Caskets and Urns All jokes about die-hard fans aside, Walmart.com offers official Major League Baseball caskets and urns featuring some of your favorite teams’ logos and colors. And, although it might have little to do with records and rivalries, it’s worth noting Walmart’s prices sometimes vary by team, at least when it comes to urns. For example, at the time of writing, a Chicago White Sox urn retails for $469.41.while the Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Mets urns are as high as $798 each. Those prices might be high, but they’re nothing compared to these ridiculously expensive baseball memorabilia. 5. The Exorcist Movie Head Platter This platter featuring the head of the possessed child portrayed by Linda Blair in “The Exorcist” is perfect for a Halloween party, an Oscar party or any other time you want to impress your party guests.But only if you’re sure the green vomit oozing from her mouth won’t have them running away in disgust. And the doll head isn’t just decorative. It also rotates, flashes red eyes and recites lines from the classic 1973 horror film. 6. Slipper Genie Dusting Slippers Fashion meets function in these chenille slippers that allow wearers to clean their floors while they walk. Of all the things to buy at Walmart, this could be the perfect gift to sweep that special someone off their feet. And, considering the As Seen on TV Superstore price of $12.99, the Walmart price offers some significant savings for the cost-conscious clean freak. 7. Inflatable Big Baby Adult Halloween Costume Sure, DIY Halloween costumes are usually the way to go, especially if you want to save money on your kids' costumes. But this year, go big on your costume - real big. This full-body big baby adult costume includes a battery-powered fan to inflate it. Just buy four AA batteries, and you're good to go.  Considering Walmart lists this costume at more than $ 10 less than some other retailers, you won't have to steal any candy from real babies, as the old saying goes. 8. Redneck Christmas Mug Need a funny and cheap gift that will make someone laugh? Consider this ceramic mug, which showcases a cartoon titled “A Redneck Christmas.” The cartoon features some rather regional snacks for “Sante,” including a can of PBR Beer and a paper sack of roadkill jerky. Hung by the chimney with care is a stocking for Billy Bob. 9. Trailer Park Santa Kit Gingerbread House In keeping with similar holiday themes, skip the traditional, boring gingerbread house and buy this Trailer Park Santa Kit instead. Offering a “humorous twist on a holiday tradition,” according to its description, this kit includes everything you need to make one gingerbread trailer and sleigh.  This item is currently out of stock on Walmart.com, but it’s also available on Amazon.com for a few cents less, leaving you plenty of time for assembly between now and Christmas. 10. Lottery Prayer Candle Prayer candles with Jesus photos are fairly common. But what if you want to pray for something more specific.  Now, you can light this candle, and then hope it helps you win the lottery. It's unclear what the scent is, but hopefully it's something nice like new money.