Employing Serious 4D Live Games in Online Training

Online games are fun to play. More so, players are able to enjoy unique experiences from 4D technologies which tend to go beyond entertainment to teach them the basics of the corporate online learning world. Serious 4D live games will typically be traditional games with a twist or even simulations that will specifically seek to impart a skill to individuals. Some of the tips to integrate such games into online training strategies include: •    Keep Them Short and Goal- Centric- In order to have effective 4D live games which will give players lots of skills, strive to have them last a few minutes. The main reason behind this is that it helps get rid of cognitive overload in our brains. The players are therefore able to remain engaged throughout the whole game. A recommendation in this is to have some of your friends test the game and give you legitimate feedback. Use the feedback to work on the game by removing or adding specific content. •    Make Knowledge Application a Priority- The main goal of the games will be to encourage the players to apply what they have learned in online training. As such, your game should be based on the players’ skill sets or knowledge base. It helps them in taking their understanding through different levels and at the same time, they are able to commit information for long-term memory use. These games should also strive to give players unique skills that they can apply past the virtual training environment. •    Have a Plot Which Thickens- Serious games cannot be complete without the presence of an immersive story which is able to draw learners and help them connect with one another. It is therefore essential to come up with a rigid story in your 4D live games. The secret lies in coming up with a serious game that has a backstory that is relatable. An example would be to ask your players to work around a difficult sales transaction. •    Make Them Competitive- Human beings will be competitive by nature. As such, ensure to have the games competitive and this will help players in a lot of ways. When it comes to online training, for instance, individuals are always would want to perform better than their peers. To encourage this, tell your players to compete against themselves by improving on their scores in the online games. The above shows that serious games in online training will not have a place in all courses but can come in handy to all players. This is because when used in the right way, they can help you achieve your goals in online learning. Engage in games such as toto 4D and you are bound to improve a lot in your online courses.