Advantages of Online Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

The advantages of online marketing can be clearly assessed when compared to traditional or “offline” marketing strategies. As more and more people use the internet for socialization, entertainment, information and communication, they are increasingly more influenced by everything they see online. This prompts businesses to move, expand and advertise online. With the advantages of online marketing below from, you will surely be thrilled to build an online business as well. Targeted audiences Offline advertising is great as it can reach an entire demographic, but the real yardstick of success of any advertising campaign is in the numbers. While traditional advertising reaches audiences above and beyond their existing customer base, online advertising does the same job while getting more relevant leads. This is one of the best advantages of online marketing. Economical Before, marketing involved promo products such as pens, mugs, umbrellas, business cards, stationery and paper weights, aside from the usual newspaper, radio, magazines and TV ads. These are very expensive and have a low conversion rate. Online marketing on the other hand is more focused on targeted audiences - those who are really interested in the product. With a much lesser cost, internet marketing can reach wider range of targeted audiences and in a much wider geographical locations. Better RIO One of the advantages of online marketing is its performance-based payment. Pay-Per-Click or “PPC” marketing ensures that you get higher relevant leads since those who are interested to your business are more likely to click on your ad. Speed Everything happens in real-time online. You can send out ads to wider audiences once you start your marketing campaign. Audience engagement In traditional marketing, communication is usually one-way. The business is seen on TV or heard over the radio and that’s about it. As an advertiser, you would want to get feedback from your customers right away, thereby improving the quality of your ads as well as your products. Online marketing makes this possible quicker, cheaper, and faster. Wider coverage Traditional marketing, for example the 30-second commercial, only reaches a certain number of people within a defined locale, while online marketing covers a far wider scope. This global coverage usually helps the business to reach more audiences, which may ultimately lead to better results, more relevant leads, and higher conversion rate. Easy to track With the help of analytic tools, conversion rates can be easily tracked in an online campaign. This allows you to have laser sharp focus on exactly where your advertising dollars should be flowing. The same can be done with traditional advertising but usually on a smaller, slower scale.