Make Money Online in Spite of the Recession - Guaranteed

How to set up a amazing online super affiliate plan that will virtually run it's self for years and years and fill your bank account with cash day and night while you enjoy life. Here are 4 simple ways: 1.  Set up Your plan 2. Choose your market 3. Plant your seeds 4.  Watch the money poor in Step 1 - Set up your plan It won't take a lot of time, but setting up a strong plan that will put you on the cutting edge of strong marketing performance and have you cashing checks day to day. The first thing for your plan should be finding out which affilite web site you want to work with. I can not say anything bad about click bank, they pay on time, it's really easy to set up, and you never have to worry about your check coming in the mail. Once you have set up your account it is now time to find your product, most website will let you know which affiliate websites produce and which one's are not so hot. You can also use Google's market research tool to find out what people are looking for. Step 2 - Choose your market OK so you use the tools and find out you want to sell satellite TV service for your home pc, it pays out $40.00 per sale and it seems to have a high rate of sales online. So let's now take a look at Google's market research tool, you now find that is coming up and it's already getting a lot of publicity and it hasen't even ran yet. So you know what it's time to do. Step 3 - Plant your seeds Like I said UFC 100 us coming up so I'm going to write a blog or article about how much I love UFC and man, wouldn't it be nice if you could watch it live from your computer? Well I might tell them some tips on the best websites to watch TV for free and then let them know of a great offer on internet satellite television with over 3000 channels they can access at any one time. I would then give them a great link that will offer them more information about internet TV by click on the link. Step 4 - Watch your money poor in Now that you have set this up, keep working, the more information you provide the better and the more article or blogging you do the more traffic you will receive. So set it up move on and repeat and watch your bank account go trough the roof.