SEO Strategies - Creating, Optimizing And Submitting A Sitemap To Google & Yahoo

As a Toronto search engine optimization service, you want to ensure that you are employing the right tactics and techniques to your client site, empowering it to rank high across major search engines for its relevant and competitive keywords. Dealing with the sitemap is a good example of this. The main strategy here is to start off by creating a sitemap for the client site, if it has not already been made by the website designer. Try to think of a sitemap as a sort of guide or blueprint, much like a blueprint to a house, which tells you about what things are in the site and where they are located. The great thing about a sitemap is that it allows people looking at that site to make more sense of it; it also allows the search engine spiders to more fully index the site, since spiders are robotic and respond to situations making it easier to categorize and classify information. A well done sitemap, designed by a smart Toronto search engine optimization company like site, attracts search engine spiders to the site. Optimizing that sitemap for your chosen, competitive keywords is another smart move to be employed by a Canada search engine optimization service. Doing this ensures that the search engines index that site in more detail for these particular keywords, and ensures that the site ranks higher across engines for those keywords, all other things being equal. It is not enough to create the sitemap, and then optimize it for chosen keywords - complete Canada SEO search engine optimization in this regard should also entail submitting that already-optimized sitemap directly to Google Sitemap and Yahoo Explorer. When you submit the sitemap to these two engines, you basically guarantee that those little engine spiders will be crawling all over the site in question, indexing this and that, classifying and categorizing. This is precisely what you want these spiders to be doing. If you do not submit the sitemap to Google and Yahoo, then these engines will not spend nearly as much time indexing your site, since the sitemap makes the site much more spider-friendly and spider-inviting. Sure, those spiders will still go to the site and index it, but they will just not do it in as great detail as they otherwise would. Be thorough in your sitemap work, and engines such as Google and Yahoo will reward the site, which will make your customers happy and help make you a reputable Toronto Search engine optimization company.