10 days silence

Okey! Now it is time to go offline for a while. In silence for 10 days.Me and Manu will have to live separate so he have now moved out. He wanted to live in nature so he have found a nature spot next to a cave hehe. Perfect cause I am very happy to stay in our house. You can see pictures below.First I thought I would time posts during this time, but I felt into it and I decided that my blog will have a detox also. 10 days of rest to rebuild.And with this said - I encourage you all to have periods when you use less of you electronic devices. It is so so needed. This will for sure be challenge for me, especially being in my own home and not doing any activities. I have been in closed retreats before where we have been in silence, but only for 4 days.And for the first time since I started my social media channels I haven't been away totally for 10 days straight. So this will be a healthy break for me.So I will be back with you the 9th of February. Waaah... I feel nervous and excited at the same time. Sending you lots of love until then <3