Are you taking care about your delicate flower?

Hej loves <3Below you have the same post as before.BUT WITH A NEW DISCOUNT CODE.We decided to do an extended discount period for you guys until the 19th of January.  Code: DeoDoc20 You get 20% of all Deo Doc's products - click here to see them all --> ALL DEO DOC's PRODUCTSBelow you have the special links with the products I recommended.(click on the name) INTIMATE CALMING OIL INTIMATE CLEANSING OIL DAILY INTIMATE WASH - Fragrance Free In paid partnership with Deo Doc How much are you taking care about your delicate flower?Do you give her enough love?Do you listen when she is trying to speak with you? I for sure didn't take care as much before as I do now. Now days I am more aware and I am trying to follow each wave she decides to take.I notice when I change my diet, when I travel or when I practice a lot of love making. Then she can try communicate something to me - and I better listen. One of the most important things - do you use the right products for her?It is SUCH a big no no to use normal soaps since they have the wrong PH and will therefor disturb your PH-levels completely.  I would also like to begin this post with sharing that I have used Deo Doc's products for about 5 years constantly.It’s one of the products I always bring on my travels and recommend to my friends.And they have really helped me on so many levels.  Before I wasn’t at all so knowledgable in this field and I used "Lactasyd" from the Pharmacy cause my mum told me so. And that is not the correct PH for your intimate areas. "You need a specific soap for your vulva for her natural flora to contain in balance" The founders of DeoDoc is two Sisters who I knew personally long before they started their brand. When they started develop this idea I was still working as a nightclub manager in Stockholm, which feels like another lifetime haha.But I have been by their side since they began their journey, and I have seen from front row seats how passionated these women are in spreading awareness and helping women with their most precious body part.That is obviously why we connect so deeply too, since we share many similar passions and goals in life :)Helping women to connect deeper with themselves.  I can just speak for myself, but there is nothing that gives me more of an insecure feeling than if I have something out of balance going in with my vagina. Then it feels like I am not connected with the core of my being anymore. I can feel very ashamed and most definitely it affects my sexual energy, my love for myself and how much I am able to connect with my partner. This is not what I want at all and I am sure many of you agree with me!We don't want to go around worry if we smell, if something is wrong down there, if she is unhappy! We want to be blossoming! To be in tune with our essence!  I have been collaboration with Deo Doc for many years as I told you and I truly speak from my heart when recommending their products.This is one of my strongest personal recommendations and it is probably the only brand since the past 6 years that I haven’t for a moment switched out from my daily routine. My whole family uses only these intimate care products and the same with most of my friends who have heard me talk about them so passionately haha. And I must say that since I started using their products my imbalances have for sure been less frequent. Before I had yeast infections from time to time and in general more disturbances - and I don’t anymore! The two sisters are Dr. Hedieh Asadi and Hasti Asadi – two amazing Persian women who created this perfect intimate skincare brand for all our feminine needs. Hedieh is a gynecologist and Hasti works in the economy field. All products are pH balanced and 100% vegan - and both sisters are passionately working to break taboos, clear away the confusion, and finally dispel the myths about intimate skincare. In their team they also have Doctor Gunvor who is a professor of OB/Gyn at Karolinska Institutet.  Until now I have always used their normal soaps. They are my favorites and you can also use them for the whole body. There is some with fragrance but they are all natural perfumes and non allergenic. There is also one fragrance free. I believe this is just about personal preference, some like a touch of flower scent and some like it au naturale. Sometimes I use the fragrance free and sometimes I enjoy the scents - especially the violet cotton one. Since it's non chemical perfumes, they don't really stay. It is just a nice feeling ones you apply it, and then my vagina tunes into her normal natural essence shortly after. BUT… Since I have been in Sweden this whole autumn for the first time in a long time, this climate change and some emotional changes have affected my body a lot. I have felt more dryness and more sensitive. I recently wrote another post about vagina dryness and many of you asked if I could recommend some other favorite products that helps this.So here it comes.Their new soap Intimate cleansing wash which is only made out of natural oils have been so helpful for me. It's is completely natural and you can feel how nourishing it is for you vagina.  DeoDoc’s team of doctors formulated this oil-based wash especially for sensitive, dry or irritated intimate skin. The wash gently cleanses and leaves the intimate skin smooth and moisturized. The all-natural oils infused with Vitamin-E and other protective nutrients gives dry skin a nourishing boost. Leaves skin soft with an all-day light protective layer in place. The calming oil has been my savior this period too. It has been helping the sensation of being dry a lot. Also completely natural! It has been protecting as a juicy layer over my vagina. Also PERFECT after having lots of sex to nourish the skin a bit extra after friction + great for your little touch after analsex.  "Our team of doctors have carefully selected a range of super oils known for their soothing properties. The enrichment of natural oils (Chamomile, Almond and Shea Butter) serves to calm and protect the sensitive skin of the vulva (inner and outer labia). Irritation, dryness, chafing and discomfort relief, i.e, after workouts, menstruation or wearing tight clothing." Together with this collaboration I get to offer you a discount code of 20% until the 7th of January. You have all links in the top of the post! Another great aspect is that they last forever. When I have the normal sized bottle I have it for at least halv a year and I also use it all over my body. So their prices are very affordable according to what you get. I truly recommend Deo Doc and these two power women!! More awareness to the people <3