Are you tired to spend most of the time indoors during quarantine? LONGING for travels? Longing for sun?

In collaboration with Elexir Pharma Are you tired to spend most of the time indoors during quarantine?LONGING to travel?? Longing for sun?Well here comes a change to win a travel check that you can use as soon as the world is up an running again :-) The supplement ”SOLA” prepares the skin for summer days in the sun. How many especially nordic people are tanning isn't really the healthiest way, and I used to be a part of this before. We are lacking sun for so many months in Sweden, and then when people go travel during vacation we totally abuse the sun which creates a lot of stress for our skin. So to help your skin and make it more prepared for sunny days this is a great supplement. It contains, for example beta-carotene and copper that contribute to a fresh and tan skin tone, and contribute to the skin's normal pigmentation. Also contains zinc, selenium and vitamin E which helps to protect the body's cells from oxidative stress that occurs during sunbathing. SOLA is a vegan dietary supplement. (Read more about the product below) I have been collaborating with Elexir Pharma now for quite some time and I really cherish their products. In this moment Apotek Hjärtat and Elexir Pharma has a competition online where you can win a trip worth 10.000 Swedish crowns and a years usage of SOLA. Or, if that doesn’t interest you Apotek Hjärtat are offering SOLA for 30% discount in this moment.  HERE is the link if you want to buy the products for a discounted price at Apotek Hjärtat. The discount code is ”SOLA30”.The discount code is valid from April 27 to May 10. If you would like to participate in the competition, here is how you do it:Chance to win a summer consumption of SOLA, as well as a travel check worth 10,000 SEK. To win you have to follow all instructions. Contest Instructions:1. Buy the product via the link below and use the code SOLA30 for a 30% discount.2. Follow elexir_pharma3. Comment below why you should win. The winner is announced on @elexir_pharma on May 8. You must live in Sweden to participate. The travel check is valid for 3 years. LINK TO BUY THE PRODUCT AND TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CONTEST. More about the product from Elexir Pharmas webpage:This is why we get sunburnedIt is the UV radiation from the sunlight that creates our tan. It is usually mentioned that the UV radiation is divided into different types, UVA and UVB. It is primarily the more energy-rich UVB radiation that creates the tan in the epidermis by stimulating the new production of pigments. The pigment is called melanin and is what gives us the tan color in order to protect the skin. At the same time, UVB radiation builds up yet another protection, as the skin gradually becomes thicker and thus prevents the radiation from penetrating deeper. ProtectionThe UVA radiation has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin layer, and is the radiation that makes us - in excessive sunbathing - wrinkle.Although tanning itself is the body's way of protecting itself from the sun's rays, excessive sunbathing, for example, burns, should be avoided. The lighter the skin / hair color we have, the lower the basic levels of melanin we have, and are thus more sensitive to the sun and more difficult to get a tan skin. Support for pigmentationIf you want a beautiful tan, then a normal pigmentation is a basic prerequisite. Sola includes copper, which according to scientific studies has the ability to contribute to the normal pigmentation of the skin. Through selenium, zinc and vitamin, cells are protected against oxidative stress, that is, the attack that occurs due to free radicals. Prolonged tanning, such as daily tanning during the holidays, triggers processes that create just oxidative stress in the skin and thus damage the skin cells. Thanks to vitamin C, the skin gets help with the important collagen formation to compensate for the sun's rays breaking down the collagen, which affects the skin quality. Beta carotene - a tanned skin toneWhen eating beta carotene, the effect is that the subcutaneous fat is stained by the beta carotene stored there. At normal intake (30 mg per day), the skin soon becomes as tint as when sunbathing. If you eat these supplements before going on a sun holiday, for example, you get both a nice basic tone of the skin while the skin is prepared for the days in the sun. Just don't forget the sun protection factor!