Arrived in Koh Phangan

Arrived in Koh Phangan Thailand. I have had a little bit of a strange start of this journey but now it is starting to shift. That's why I haven't been posting anything on Instagram and here in my blog. Needed to land and solve some stuff. But now things are starting to clear up!I have moved into a house which I love in the jungle, now I am fixing it all nicely so it feels like a home. It will feel even more complete once Manu will come here too. But at the same time I am enjoying to be by my own for a short period. Feels a bit strange for me to not go to India. I have gone there the past 3 seasons so it almost feels like I have missed something in my rhythm. LUCKILY my Sophie is here in Koh Phangan, we met in India and we have had the same traveling route the past years. Normally she also go to India at this time but now she went here for a training. And same with me and Manu, we also came here for a program/course. So perfect coincidence! And also, another loved one - Alice just came to the island now from India. So we are a little trio here. All my friends that normally goes here is in India, so I will see them in a few months once my course is finished. Been here almost 3 days and it has been raining SO much since I came. Crazy bananaz. Always when I come here in March it's a heat wave, and now the opposite. But wet season is just about to end. So my focus at the moment is to ground myself, get into a calm vibration. At the same time reading a few books for the course I am doing and some other preparations for the program. I know it will be pretty intense so I need this time before to tap into calmness. So far I am really enjoying just being at home in my little house listening to the rain. BUT I am hoping for some longer sun some day soon, cause I haven't been at the beach jet. Or, I have been at the beach in the morning at sunrise just to enjoy, but not to swim and enjoy the sun :) !!!Hope you all are having an amazing christmas time <3These next coming period I will use to answer some more of your questions I have collected from you too. So watch out!LOTS OF LOVE from moi