Blocked from Instagram

Hey guys! Sorry for not writing for a few days. I got blocked from instagram without any notice of why. Even though I didnt post anything that was inappropriate, nothing naked, nothing regarding sexuality. So frustrating to not even get a message and an explanation of why. So that blocking just made me irritated and not in mood for writing anything. Thats why I didnt write here either. Now, me, Manu and Sophia is down south on Yogiakademin for a few days visting. Doing yoga, meditation and dance! Swimming naked secretly at night and making lots of love. Will be back home on Wednesday night <3 Have loots to share with you from the last week. I'm in Agonda now visiting the dentist, away from Cola beach where the retreat is, thats why I have a little bit of wifi right now. otherwise there is no reception or wifi there really haha. A good break to just absorb nature & love in full presence. Sending u lots of love <3