Celebration of love, sex coaching and results

I would like to use today to celebrate my delicious relationship with Manuele.Where we have a very open dialog about everything, sharing our light, our shadows - our love.Communication is key for everything :)Yesterday we decided to be in a relationship on facebook hahaha... big steps. We both have always been a little bit "against" showing of your love on facebook. But really, that is the stupidest thing I have heard hahah... And very contradictory since we are all over instagram hahah.. These small little weird thing you like to tell yourself.  My point with this post is that I would like to share how amazing, grounding and evolving it can be to support each other in your personal development. I am all for recommending teachers I love that I have experienced. Someone I have followed for a very long period of time is Cam Fraser. He writes magically, talks about deep connection, about love, about shame and fears, shares very personal stories and have great interesting facts. Mostly focused from the male side of conscious sexuality. SO NEEDED with Men like him sharing so vulnerable. So last spring when I had my personal coaching sessions weekly for a period with Justine I felt I wanted Manu to have a similar experience. Manu was already a little experienced in Tantra before we met but maybe not as intensely as myself. So I felt it created an imbalance with me teaching him sexual knowledge about his masculine side. Somehow I thought it would be much nicer for him to have a one-on-one experience with another man, who has fully gone through a similar process. We already had magical sex so it didn't have anything to do with that. More - who doesn't want to improve for oneself? To get a bigger understanding of everything, being able to feel new forms of pleasure... You can never learn enough :) And since I found it was so beneficial with my one-on-one coaching I felt I wanted him to have a similar experience. The reason why I want to share this is to normalize the face that learning more is always a good thing. Coaching in all forms. And I believe it is the greatest gift I have ever given to a partner. So for the men who is following me here I would highly recommend Cam :) And for you women with male partners who follows me here, maybe this can be a good tip for your boyfriend!Since Manu is so good at writing himself I asked him to share a little bit from his journey with Cam, cause he was so happy with the whole process. So here it comes <3Manu shares:To tell from the start, we were in Koh Phangan and Maxinne came back home telling me “I have a surprise for you. You will love it!”. She gave me as a present a series of weekly session with Cam Fraser – a sex coach that she's following on Instagram since a while back – for the duration of 3 months. I was positively surprised. I loved the gift. Now, someone may wondering why she gave me that kind of gift, same as when your partner makes you a soap as a gift... what's the message behind? But I never thought for a moment that she had the urge to improve my sexual performances, or that she was sexually unsatisfied (the mind is tricky and it can go there). Me and Maxinne we openly talk about sex since our first date. The gift of having a sex coaching experience was the opportunity to learn much more and quicker about my sexuality then just by keeping on the path by my own, as I already was doing. I was curious and excited about it, because I didn't know what to expect. I knew an expert guide would help me a lot, like for everyone. Indeed, since the first session (on video call), I had a good impression about Cam. He made me feel immediately comfortable and it came naturally for me to share my deep fears with him. I have to mention that before our first meeting he sent me an email with different question to give him already an idea about myself and my concerns on the sessions. It was actually good for me to write down my real intentions, to understand what I was looking for. My mains points were to learn how to be multi-orgasmic and to expand my sexual awareness (whatever it means). However, I knew that by talking with him I would probably find other aspect to focus on, and that is exactly what happen.So, for the first time I was facing a man with an expertise on psychology and sexuality, who was ready to listen to me and support me into this amazing journey. I felt Cam was always there for me. He was focused and very present. His comments after my long speeches always added a point that made me move forward.I was always looking forward to our sessions even though they were not easy. So much shit I took out from inside, but he know how to hold that space very well. Furthermore, he immediately gave me homework, including some daily practices. Nothing impossible, but for me it was a real challenge to go through them because I'm not very constant. However, it was good to have a concrete side over our virtual talks and he made me more steady.Session after session we went on a direction that passed through my insecurities related to my current my partner, my conditioning from my past relationships, the role of my father in my life, my relationship with other men, and so on. He was peeling away layer after layer; I felt like an onion. In between the layers I had my new homework to focus on very week. It was around the 6th session that I felt for the first time a powerful orgasm without ejaculating. It happened during the self-pleasure practice he asked me to start a few sessions earlier. That was one of the first obvious results. I was astonished and excited.When we arrived to the last layer there was nothing, like a real onion indeed. It looked like I was going towards something, a goal to achieve, but at the end there was nothing to reach. I mean, all this intense process I had with him I understood it was more about learning to be myself - rather than learn to have multi-orgasmic sex or other achievements. I can't say that I am a fully multi-orgasmic man now, but I feel much more then before in a completely different way. It's just not so evident in first instance. In fact, the nothingness of the last layer I mentioned above is about something so deep inside that it could be hard to immediately acknowledge it. I may say, like a natural remedy, Cam showed me my natural way, which I was obstructing with my insecurities and conditioning. Now I feel much more confident and open then before. It feels so natural to be here where I am now, in my actual sexual (and not only) awareness, that I could almost lie and tell Cam that I didn't need him. But reading back my journal, and talking to my partner, it is so evident how fast my evolution have been in the last months. However, this is a never-ending path. Nobody can expect from someone (a coach, guru, teacher...) to jump from a place to another and have nothing to do anymore. It is actually the opposite. Now I can keep on my path without the fear to make a mistake, because I had a coach who put me in touch with my real being and helped me to project it into my sexual life. I feel fresh, I feel ready to learn more.So, if any man think “I don't need a sex coach” this is exactly why you need it. Don't let your arrogance take over your evolution. Give yourself and your partner a gift and work on yourself in any angle. I highly recommend him :)