"Don't take life too seriously"

It is funny when it comes to workshops for men around sexuality. Maybe there is a difference around the world but I can only talk from my own experience here in Sweden after helping Skanda with his amazing workshops for men, that me personally would recommend for every man. My conclusion is that women in general have more easy to open up and to talk with other women, around various subjects. So workshops for women fills up instantly. But, the opposite regarding the workshops for only men. Men generally are like clams who DEFINITELY doesn’t want to open up to talk with other men. And definitely NOT regarding sexuality!FOR YOU GIRLFRIENDS OUT THERE, with male partnersSince us women are more open in general, you have to be the supporting extra push to help your men to open up more. To dare, to feel comfortable. Don’t you want your partner to be able to feel more pleasure for himself? To give you more pleasure?To be more present while you make love? Give it as a gift to your man. ”Oh no, if I go, then people with think that I am bad in bed"”I am already good in bed, I don't need this””We already have great sex, there is nothing to be improved” Is that really true?Is there nothing to be improved?You are already the best version of yourself in bed?Your partner is 100% satisfied?You receive multiple orgasmic pleasure in all sexual actions?Your heard about energies but you don't know if it is actually true? NO ONE WILL NEVER BE FULLY trained and skilled. We can always learn more and discover new parts of ourselves.Me neither, thats why I am constantly taking online courses, goes to smaller workshops, takes courses, read books…  Please, prove me wrong here.I believe there is so many men out there who actually wants this. To learn more about them selves.Develop your sensitivity, open your heart wider, learn about your body, learn about women, about energies, about pleasure.  It is a small group with other open hearted men.FULLY Clothed workshop of course, needs to be clarified since many people ask if they have to be naked.Skanda prefers if you have clothing on ;-) If you are considering - JUMP!!Dare to live bigger !!You only regret what you didn't do... BELOW you again find information about Skandas workshop <3 TANTRIC LOVER WORKSHOP SEXUAL TANTRIC TECHNIQUES FOR MEN Tuesday 8th of OctoberStockholm, Sweden 18:30 Approx. 5 hour workshop A workshop to understand why women appreciate tantric lovers so much. This workshop is dedicated to all men who wants to take their love making to the new level. In this workshop,you will gain a deeper understanding of the most important aspects of tantric practices from a mens point of view. In tantra we distinguish three categories of people. Pashu – people who are unaware of their true nature, following others unconsciously; Vira – those who show great courage to mentally step out from the crowd, ready to find out their own truth; Deva – the transformed ones who have discovered their true nature. Tantric practitioners are viras. Those, who are ready to overcome their reactive, biological nature and step out of social and cultural conditioning and step into their full potential. This workshop will help you understand how to master your sexual energy and take your sexuality to a completely new level. It combines lectures with exercises. You will receive knowledge, lots of practical advice and tools which will take your love making to another level. Over the course of the day, we will cover:– Practical application of the masculine principle in lovemaking and relationships– Ways of increasing sexual libido– Brachmacharya – sexual continence– Yogic exercises focused on working with sexual energy– Techniques to control sexual energy and ejaculation– Techniques to create sublimation of the energy– Tantirc way of pleasuring woman The workshop is covering different areas, imparts ancient yogic wisdom presented in a modern and easy to understand way. You will learn many practical steps to allow you to become more masculine and more attractive to women, stop depleting yourself through lovemaking, understand better the differences between male and female sexuality. You will gain new skills which will allow you to feel more pleasure and to give more pleasure to your partner. This workshop is for men only. Interested? <3Email me at tantra@maxinne.seand I will give you more info :)If you sign up today you will receive a discount too :) LOVE / Maxinne