Getting comfy with Karma Store

In collaboration with KARMASTORE.SE Yoga, meditation and various practices on my mat is my biggest life hack for well being! Like everyone, I am a person who is constant changing. So my practices always change a lot from period to period. I have times when I am super dedicated to my practices and some where I am more into dance or other creative stuff. Now I am in a spiral where I am so passionated for my practice, to move, to be in my body, yoga & dance. Allowing my sensual self step forward!!And with that I am also super exited to soon start to offer some of my work. I am thankful to be back in Sweden now and I am so excited to organize and decorate for my upcoming events! To be honest, I don't need that much to be able to do my practice or to host workshops. BUT… I like having epic props cause it enhances mine and the others experience and outcome. I much rather go deep in myself and with others when I am surrounded by beauty and comfort <3 In a sacred space with a high vibe. I am now doing a collaboration with Karma Store which has a great selection of everything you can need for a delicious home practice, or to decorate a mini yoga studio like I am doing ;-)Together with them I have pimped up my space where I will host my workshops with meditation pillows, eye pillows, crystals and goddess oils. They also have my all time favorite yoga mats from Grounded Factory <3 These you have seen in my forums many times - and that is just cause I wouldn’t travel anywhere in the world with out it ;-) I LOVE these meditation pillows, a comfy nice pillow is actually key for longer meditations. Me and the ladies will feel like queens on our thrones with these! And to support your passion for your practice they are giving a discount code ”love15” where you get 15% of everything in their shop - and they ship worldwide! The discount code is valid this full week until Sunday!They also have yoga wear, kimonos, spiritual books, beautiful interior, all sorts of props, CRYSTALS, mats… A lot of beautiful stuff <3A list of some things I really like on their site (click on the link to get to the specific product):1. The yoga set I am wearing, who does seamless yoga wear - they have many different colors!2. The meditation puff OF COURSE! You can choose from MANY different colors!3. Grounded Factory yoga mats - my forever fave!4. Their yoga oils, its really amazing5. Their selection of spiritual booksEnjoy <3