Hectic Schedule, Viva La Tropics, Missing my fam and friends in Sweden

Been having lots going on lately, fully packed days. With photoshoot deadlines. I have most definitely spend way too much time infront of the computer lately. I love to photograph but when it becomes too much I loose my inspiration to create. So after I am done with these stuff now, I need a little break to find my core inspiration instead. Really starting to miss my family in Sweden, my brother, my mum and her husband. Really longing to spend time with them. And all my friends in Sweden. It is lovely here on Koh Phangan and I have really some gemstones in my life here that I will miss to have in my close surrounding. I hope I will be able to book a flight back to SWE soon <3In like a weeks time, I am planning to go on a little vacation again, here on the island :-D Check into a hotel and have a nice time with no musts. Let's see what fun we can come up with :-D