Hello energy? Where are you?

Always in my "question and answers"-posts you ask me what kinds of supplements I eat. So these posts are inspired from your wishes. Who doesn't want extra energy in their life? More endurance and full power energy to achieve our goals in live <3I think we all do...So here comes some tips for getting some extra energy in our daily life. It’s actually a pretty long time ago I were home in the Nordic countries for a longer time during a cold period.And now I really get a good reminder what is happening with my energy levels while not being exposed to enough sun-light and warmth. Therefore it is extra important to boost yourself with nutrient food and extra energy boosters. This will be my second post in collaboration with Elixir Pharma to spread awareness about taking care of your wellbeing and health. I am a big fan of supplements but the intention is never to only believe that they will do the job by themselves. It is equally important to eat a nutritious diet in general and take care of your physics with movements in your preferred form. Dancing, yoga, running, fighting, cross-fit - what ever floats your boat. But during this past period I have tried two supplements I haven’t had in my diet before. And so far I have felt that they have given me a very good effect.If I compare with other years during this period I have had a very lacking energy in general - and now it is definitely not on the same level - which is a very good sign! (If you click on the link you can also read about them in Swedish <3)Elexir Ashwagandha extract belongs to the category of adaptogens and has a particularly positive influence on emotional stress, fatigue, physical fatigue but also to maintain focus and endurance. Elexir Ashwagandha extract also contains vitamin B5 which helps maintain normal mental performance as well as reduce fatigue and fatigue. Elexir Pharma Q10 contributes to energy and reduced fatigue. Vitamin C and riboflavin (vitamin B2) contribute to both normal energy conversion and reduced fatigue and fatigue, as well as protecting cells from oxidative stress. Vitamin C also contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system. To ad to this - is that with eating these supplements I do lots of yoga. And since I have had two very busy past two weeks I havn't gone at all to yoga cause my time has been limited. Then I have been eating even more boosting foods and supplements which have helped a lot. But now I am back on track in my healthy yoga spiral and I feel much better in general. You can fint Elexir Pharmas products in most health food shops I have been to in Stockholm and if you want to buy them online you can find them at Apotea for example. I will mark this in every post I do with them, that this is a company I have tried out and bought by choice for years. It is a family friend who started this company many years ago - and I truly recommend their products in general. I also like to support locally produced brands rather than by imported stuff.Another great tips that I usually do in the mornings is a morning boost shot. Some how I believe it gives me lots of energy.Use a shaker - put one spoon of turmeric powder, one spoon of wheatgrass, approx. 15 milliliter of apple cider vinegar + squeeze some lemon in it and ad maybe 1 deciliter of water. Shake it so the lumps of the powder disappears. Then ready to drink.Some other natural energy favorites is Ginseng and Guarana. But lately I havn't had any of them and instead used Ashwaganda and Q10, and I can honestly say I prefer my new found goodies.Last but not least.... To be honest, if I am in the cold I don't do this. But if I am in the heat I love it. That is to have a cold showers / cold dip in the water first thing in the morning. My skin just can't handle to much water and showers during dry/cold periods and I am way to comfy in the morning. But Manuele is very persistent with this and I am so impressed. Every morning he goes up 6 am and has a cold shower before his practice. While I am still laying in bed looking at him when he is meditating. My day starts more around 7 am hehe. But if you never tried - try it. It's a real boost.