In the process

Wearing Filippa KWith my fave yoga mat from Grounded Factory One week have now passed and today we had a free day. WELL NEEDED for sure. The program is called intense in the headline and I now understand why haha. Feels like I have been on an emotional rollercoaster delux, high's and lows. Challenges, doing very intimidating practices, been triggered from many directions for various reasons. So... I am now really IN the process. Today me and Manu went up early to do yoga, to go to the studio we usually go to. But once we arrived we noticed that it was closed today. A sign from universe to do anything rather than relax. So instead we went to have a delicious breakfast instead. Which turned into a long video chat with Manuele's sister in Australia. Went home, cleaned the whole house - which was needed after 7 intense days. Then went into the closest big town to buy groceries. And me also bringing my computer to sit and work for a little while in a café. Completely forgetting about the sign of doing nothing. So I had two very unproductive hours doing nothing at the café. My brain was not really functioning to do anything practical. Got reminded of the messaged, accepted it, stopped with what I was trying to do and headed home to my friend Alice instead. It was nice to just have some down time with a friend to get out of the bubble just a little bit. Then I went home, picked up my man to go treat ourselves with a nice relaxing massage. And now we are both in bed ready to go to sleep and to wake up to a new intense week ahead hehe. But I will check in with you more this week :-D <3In general, even though it is all intense. I feel very good. I have come to many deep realizations about myself and my life. So I am looking forward to go deeper. Hope January is treating you well <3