INDIGO SPARKLE - The delicious dream

OH MY GOD!This delicious dream for a woman just overdid herself. I met her in Bali last year and I have never met such a capturing energy with a voice. Day in and day out I were listening to her and Olivers amazing tones together at Revive Café, by the waterfall swimming naked, stayed for hours after in my mind. A true beautiful soul and a voice like an angel. Woke up this morning and I saw she just released her new song with a video. I am blown away - from it all. The song, the artistic video, the feelings that got created in me while listening, the goosebumps it gave me - wow. Indigo Sparke - never stop singing !You are made for expressing yourself - it speaks to the deepest part of my heart.So much love from Sweden sent to you, I wish I see you soon somewhere in the world. So proud to call you my friend <3