Island Exploring

What a day... that hasn't ended jet. It's still flowing. Me and M out the alarm on 5.45, went up and got ready then off to a beach close to us where the sunrise is happening. In cosy outfits we sat on the cliffs in silence to watch the night become day - my favorite part of the day. I believe we all live a little longer by watching many sunsets and sunrises. We were more or less alone on this little hidden beach so we had a morning swim in the deep waters. Then we headed even more up north to explore parts we havn't seen jet, found another almost empty beach and had breakfast. Already there we started our "non vegan day" haha... with having omelets with feta cheese (my first in almost half a year, but with lout egg-white since I am allergic), chocolate milkshake and strawberry banana lassi. Hahaha... The feasting had begun. We both are not anal with out diets, we don't like to call ourselves anything, eat mostly vegan but if the body craves something then sometimes I think its healthier to listen and surrender to some pleasure. After this we kept exploring the island even more north, up to a hidden beach called bottle beach that we had read about before. It was a tricky way to get there, almost impossible with a scooter but we managed after some frustration and heavy action on the steep dirt roads hehe. WORTH IT!! Such an amazing beach. Breathtaking. By after lunch time we headed back, Manu home and me to the grocery shop. Note to self - don't enter a big grocery shop and a French bakery and cheese shop while you are VERY HUNGRY, super craved by everything + a non existing will power. I did... And left poor with a bag filled with expensive mustard, balsamico, different cheeses, strawberries + lots of more fruits. Bought a baguette for my man even though I can not eat it, due to my gluten intolerance. I looked in 3 shops for something that would satisfy me for some bread craving, but didn't find anything. Thought of writing Manu to try to bake a gluten-free bread for me but changed my mind cause I didnt want to ask that while I was cooking food. Then when I came home, first thing he says is that he is just experimenting to bake gluten free bread. Isn't that funny hahaha... Then we had a feast of amazing food and continuous connecting time together. And have a look at out HUGE jack fruits coming from our garden!!! Jackfruit fiesta is on its way... (its not vodka in the bottle, we use it for water in the fridge hehe)Monday Monday.... A day of was needed <3