Life Update - Creativity is blossoming, alone time, Manus accident, new website is coming up, where to next?!

Hello world!!! Such a pleasure to be living :-D Now the course is over and I am back to real life - which feels a bit absurd after being in such a bubble for 6 weeks. It has definitely been overwhelming trying to keep up with all messages, emails and requests I have gotten during the time away, but I am working on it. So if you did send me something and I didn't answer, sorry for that - don't take it personal and please send me another message/email.After having such a long period from my phone, my computer, my blog, my instagram, my email, my facebook - it's been a bit hard to get use to it again. It have for sure helped me to overview my past usage and now I want to create a much healthier balance.After the course finished a few days back we have had integration meetings and I have had some work stuff going on.My creativity have blossomed big time after this period. I don't think I have ever had such a long break of not taking any pictures what so every, so I was craving to create when I came out. I had these magnificent artistic ideas of pictures for my new website - so I have been working on this these passed days, and I got help from so many friends to being able to make it - so many beautiful women who participated and shined bright in their birthdays suits and silk gowns. I also got help from my friend Rachel in Goa India, with my favorite brand Fara Boutique who sent over 15 silk gown dresses for me to borrow for my shoot. Isn't it magical what is possible when you ask for help and support!So one of my next missions is my website, where it will be very clear what is going on in my schedule workshop wise - so you know when new workshops and retreats are coming up, and other information. I have developed a new workshop which was almost done before I left Sweden in November - but now it's full done. Also a creative 2 or 3 day retreat, haven't decided the length jet. Why on earth didn't I develop my website earlier haha? Well... It's about time now! It's all in the making !So I am in a very good creative spiral - very excited for the future!! I didn't write anything about this when it happened, but I feel I would like to share it now cause it was really something that shook me out of my bubble. During the course, during the 10 day silence period when me and Manu weren't living or interacting with each other for 10 days - this accident happened. It was the 7th day of the silence and we all were going through big internal journeys after intimate individual processes. I woke up in the morning feeling weird and uncomfortable, I could feel something was up but I couldn't know what. It was the first day of my period and I was thinking to skip class first. But I felt it was important for me to go this day. I arrived late and straight away noticed that Manus scooter wasn't there, and I felt a pinch in my heart that something was up.I came into class and then Justine, the facilitator announced that Manu had been in a scooter accident and that he had gone with the ambulance to the hospital and is now there. One of the other teachers was already there with him. Of course I panicked. From being in silence totally shaken out of that bubble and thrown into reality. I left class straight away in rush to get there. I arrived and there he was on the stretcher with bandages and with blood here and there. He had been in a scooter accident and fallen on the gravel road, and gotten a big metal bar deep into his foot. So when the ambulance came, they didn't know what to do so they had to take the scooter apart and take the metal bar with them in the ambulance for the doctor to take out correctly. So he got quite a few stitches in the foot and ended up on heavy antibiotics and crutches for a period. We had to revisit the hospital 2 times a day the first days to do checkups, do cleanings on the wounds and take the antibiotics. I went to pack down his camping spot on the beach and he moved in back home. It was such a weird feeling of not having spoken with each other for so many days and both of us gone through such an internal process and then this happened. And it made me realize even more how much I love this human, how much I want to be with him and how important he is in my life. So for 2 weeks at least I became his nurse and him my patient haha. Now it is healing well but it was a bit tricky in the beginning supporting a handicapped man during our course with intense schedule in the tropics. But it is all good. It was a good reminder of always living in the present moment and cherish every day as it would be the last.  I have met so many amazing people during this journey. It's very powerful how deep you can go with people after doing a journey like we did together. We really know all each others shadow sides, been supporting each other through it all and came out stronger. It has truly been amazing this experience. I will tell you more about the course I did next coming days :-) !! Don't know where to start haha!  The other day I took my man out for a celebration night to one of the fanciest and coziest restaurants here on the island - a French restaurant named A'lcove. He didn't know what we were celebrating until we got there - and the night was in the honor of himself. I had such beautiful moment the day before of feeling gratitude for having him in my life so I really wanted to take him out and share that. So we had a bottle of French red wine and delicious grilled food. Hadn't been drinking wine in a very long period and it was both nice, weird and uncomfortable to feel a bit tipsy.  And hey.. Can we stop one moment to just admire my boyfriends beauty on the picture above. Am I really this lucky that I hit the complete jackpot of a super human? Incredibly handsome on the outside and even more amazing on the inside. Well. This period has been A HELL ride and a DREAM ride for us both. Such a challenging period during this transformation. 2 months of studying, doing this course full days and living together - very high high's and very low lows - which was expected. I love being by his side but I also need my alone time, and so does he. And I don't think I realized how much I needed alone time until he decided that he was spontaneously going to a 10 days silence retreat by himself. Of his first idea was that I should also join, but I felt I really needed time in nature and get back on track with work, projects and integrate fully. My first respond was "oh no? what about our last weeks here on Koh Phangan together?!" But then I understood that this was the best decision ever. And I felt how nice it will be to be alone for 10 days to just integrate my experience on my own. So yesterday I dropped him of at the ferry, he will be traveling inland in Thailand to a buddhist monastery and will be away in total 12 days. I will be nourishing myself and doing things I love and spending lots of time alone, have really been craving that <3 And where to next?! I am still in a big confusion. Where to next? My visa runs out here the 15th of March, and first I was planning to just do a visa run and then come back for another month and stay until the 15th of April instead - and then go back to Sweden. But... Then I felt a strong calling to go back to Sweden earlier than planned. I really feel a strong pull to go back and organize my webpage, start offering my new workshops in Swedish and meet my family again - have been missing friends and family a lot. And then when I decided to go back to Sweden earlier I then felt a pull to maybe make a pit stop to Bali before I go to Sweden. Just for 2 weeks or so to meet friends and loved ones. Many ideas in my head... I think I will just leave it for now and see what will unfold. Probably a last minute decision hehe. BUT - I will be back in Sweden soon guys! And I am really longing for it <3