Life Update - End April - Staying, going?

Hey guys. Me and Manu are still in Thailand, this was for sure not our plan at all. We wanted to go back to Europe much earlier and we both had big plans, but we are not the only ones who had to make a bigger change. So we are here, moved into a bigger house which feels so much better. I will write a separate post about that, but it really have helped in so many ways. We now live in a little triangle with Manus Italian friends since before and their girlfriends. So we are having weekly dinners and hangouts. It is all very sweet. Before I was a little bit stressed of not knowing how long we will stay here. I felt an urge of going back to Sweden, but it was also for the purpose of working and creating and offering some cool workshops, which is not possible anymore. And I felt anxious about having to worry about our visas each period. When Covid came, we got extensions every 2 weeks which just felt stressful of not knowing what the new rules would be after 2 weeks. But now we have gotten information that all tourist visas is extended until end of July without having to go to any immigration. So... I guess we are staying for quite a while. I have gotten comfortable with the thought of staying here until July, even though that feels very long. But there is no point for us to go back to Europe if there will be tricky to work. Let's see, who know what will happen. Me and Manu are taking care of each other, making efforts and showing our love for one another. The other day he had prepared an amazing savory breakfast buffet and took me to the beach. It's been raining non stop for quite a while now so there haven't been much beach time last period. But here we managed to stay on the beach for a very quick while. Then we had to rush home before we ate the last bites cause the sky turned black in a second haha. We are also in the making of some cool projects together. One art project which is an abstract love story in both photos and written form. Its for Manus friends art magazine. We have been playing with different tools and for one part of it we decorated my vagina in various glitters and flowers. Really looking forward to show you when it is done <3 The series of pictures is definitely something I would like to have on my wall in the future.  For a long while now I have felt that I need to do some form of detox / fasting, and with that had such a big resistance towards it. Really been avoiding it to its max, and postponed big time. So to make me really do it I had to gather a few friends, to have a group energy we can help each other with, and once I had created a little group of friends my mind started making up solutions and stories up of how I can actually cancel it and explain for the rest that this is actually not the right moment for me. Cause I know it will be a little challenging, especially coming from a snacking queen period. But.... I had to go out of my stories and be determent and just DECIDE for as yes. And once I wrote about it on my instagram so many others wanted to join the juicing fast. So, to not bomb my normal instagram I decided to create a separate private account with all the guidelines, my videos of how it goes and also interviews with Alice who is an expert on this matter! So if this is something you are curious about, go follow <3  Been having many creative projects, among them photographing my friend Zuzanna for her website. She is such an amazing dancer and playful soul so it was so fun and inspiring to create with her. We were lots in the water filming so I borrowed her water shoes for it. I really need to buy a pair myself, loved these ones! Perfect for all sorts of water play in the water when there is sea urchins and sharp shells on the bottom! Been hanging out with friends. I am very happy to be stuck on this Island together with my little spiritual / traveling family. To be able to still have connecting time and doing fun things together. It is important to me. Still we are not allowed to have big gatherings here on the island, but we have no cases here still so smaller meet ups is okey as long as you keep the distance if you are outside and so. I feel people on this island is quite respectful of the guidelines.  It's been really lovely those days with sun lately, cause there is literally NO ONE on the beach. That is something I have never experienced before, being on a paradise island and with totally empty beaches. Its really peaceful <3 And last but not least! A little fashion inspiration for Virus times ;-)Here dressed in my fave dreamy dress from Warriors of the Divine <3