Life update, plane tickets booked and a deep transformation journey ahead

Life update! My god. There is so much going on in every corner right now, different projects, photo shoot, me creating a mini book for a big project coming soon, painting, writing, planning. Halleluja.. Some times I so wish I could clone myself. But I am only one human so I can't do more than that. So... Thats why I haven't been writing so frequently here. But in two weeks I have such a cool project I will share with you, I am so excited for it <3And now me and Manuele have booked our tickets to Koh Phangan too. Feels good. We will be in Sweden until december, so almost 2 full months still :-DWe decided to go at different times just because we believe it is healthy with some alone time before we will go on our long deep journey. I wrote a little about it earlier - but we will do a 7 week program from mid January with one of my favorite teachers. You often ask me about my favorite teachers and retreats I have been to, and I have done many courses and workshops with her. She is truly amazing.And for you who is sitting at home, craving for a deep transformation I highly recommend this program we will do next year. I can't speak from my own experience jet since I haven't done it, but I have friends who have who said it was life changing. I have also gotten to know Justine on a personal level which makes me love her teachings even more. And I know she put her heart and soul into this deep journey. That is also why both me and Manu really wants to do it. The course is almost full, but spoke with Justine recently and she said it is one spot left for women and three spots for men. You can read my last post about it HERE (click), or go to her webpage (click). In general I recommend you to follow her on instagram, she writes amazingly.I am excited, scared, nervous and curious !! And to do this with Manu, what a ride!!!! Can't wait to get intimate with myself. I know it will be very challenging, but, that is exactly why I am doing it. Cause I want to grow <3  Love Maxinne <3