Manuele Paradiso by Maxinne Björk

Such a stunner this man I have found. My forever muse <3Never would I have thought, perfection will be given to me. Here he is, in front of me, the one my heart is beating faster for. The one, that still makes my knees feel weak sometimes, and still makes the butterflies dance in my stomach, as much as when we first met, 1 year and 5 month ago. I can study his face for hours, his whole body, his penis, his crooked toes, his angles, his beard & his muscles. After MANY hours of investigation of all the minimal details of this delightful human body - one of my favorites is his little selection of small birthmarks on his upper lips.Everyday I secretly admire his beauty.Every day I fall a bit deeper in love with this creature.We are falling and rising, falling and rising.But we have each other, mirroring what we need to focus on, supporting when it is needed, giving inspiration & reminding each other to be here and now.I feel humble to have met him.Thank you universe, Paola & Rolando, for creating my daily inspiring muse - your son.I can never be bored of his inside out beauty!Beauty is all around. So so perfect in his non perfectiveness