Maxinne meets Manuele

I have answered this question a few times al ready. But in my live and in my insta stories on Instagram. So nothing that is saved. And since it is such a beautiful moment I would like to share a longer version of it and also so it is forever saved somewhere. My Manuele <3How we met for the first time. To begin with, to take it from the real start. First time I saw Manuele was for a few years ago in India. It was in the end of my journey in India that time and I just briefly saw Manu from distance dancing, and I remembered I thought he was very handsome. But at that time I was in a period when I was very internal with myself and I had an agreement with myself of not interacting with men, so I didn't even have a thought of flirting with him. At that time he also had another parter, so that wasn’t the right time for us. Bigger things was already planned for our future. Next time I saw him was this year in India. It was during the time Mira & Thilda was visiting me there and I took them for ecstatic dance for their first time. Manuele was working for a place called the Source there, a big dance venue arranging mostly ecstatic dances in nature under two massive Banyan trees. That night he was standing in the entrance, we had never spoken with each other before but I decided to make a move and say hi and kiss him on the cheek. First of all, I wasn’t sure if he was the same person I saw a few years back, cause the man I saw the first time had very long wild hair and a long beard. This new man was almost shaved on his head, but with a beard still and with a sexy hairy chest.  I went for it. My hi was very welcomed. He hugged and kissed me back. But that was all for then.  My visitors from Sweden headed back to their country and just a few days after I went to Ecstatic Dance alone. I had the intention of releasing some tension & letting go of some stuff that didn't serve me anymore. So I was dancing very internally, in my own vibe and didn't really notice my surrounding. Mostly dancing with my eyes closed as I usually do if I want to go deep into myself. But then after more than half the period of the dancing I started to become aware of a new energy around me. Some strange masculine animal noises floated by my ear. I had lots of people around me before too but there was something else with this which made me open my eyes to have a look. And what I saw was this intense hairy man on a low level with his body, growling in his sound, his eyes drilled into mine. I could feel with my whole body how he was seeking my attention.  I completely forgot about my internal dance journey and I got very curious about this animal like human who started moving his body from distance, going past other people, but still with his eyes very intensely in my direction. Almost like he was a wolf on his hunt. Hunt for his female. I snapped up the vibration. Stepped into me feminine essence of being hunted, with cheeky sexy gestures moving a bit further away to create space for him and his hunting. He came closer. Started doing some animal sounds. His mating sounds. I started doing mine. We were dancing together from a distance with our sight fasten into each others. Spinning, twirling, moving a bit closer to each other for each move. Back into the hunting.  Down on the floor I was crawling in sensual movements, cheeky looking back at him, he was following. The hunt kept on in ground levels, close to the earth. Finally, we were so close to each other that we stopped for a second. Looked at each other. Started to smell each others skin in a very animalistic way. Making animalistic noises. Looking at each other. Then we touched. Made our skin become one. His soft skin caressed close to mine. With his whole power he lifted my body up from the floor and swept me away on the dance floor. The was hundreds of people there but I could only notice him. Like we were alone in a massive space dancing with mama earth. He lifted my body high up and spinned me around his head, I followed and rolled around his body in close movements with my feet not touching the floor. Our chests stopped close to each other while he was holding me tight. I could feel his heart beets pounding. He could feel mine. We kept on dancing wildly around the dance floor. Up and down, from sides to sides. Rolling with each other in the dirt. Getting sweaty and dirty. The music started to become softer. Our movements too. In slow motion we danced with our bodys so close as we could, with our heads if front of each other, so close that I could smell his breath. His strength made me feel I could surrender, made me loose my control. I was his feather he directed. The lights went off. The music too. From me holding my legs around his waist in a standing position, we moved down to the floor. He was sitting first, and I on top of him. We leaned our foreheads into each others. Breathing heavily together. My legs swept around his body, our arms holding tight around each others.  The dance was officially over. The dance facilitators gave thanks for the night, blessings for a magnificent journey together. Me and Manu stayed still on each other. Finally we opened our eyes. I looked deep into his milky chocolate eyes. Him deep into my crystal blue.  Nice to meet you, I’m Maxinne. Nice to meet you too, I’m Manu. That was our beautiful beginning And now we are in our even more beautiful present.__________________________________________________________This morning, I mean this present morning. We woke up very early and made love for hours. I started reading your questions to begin answering them all. And I felt inspired to write our meeting story. So I did. And after I felt so much newly in love with him so I had to keep kissing and smell him. I told him I wrote the story, and then we kept on with our passionated love making. WHAT a great start of this beautiful day. Tomorrow I will keep answering your questions <3Lots of love to you all!