Mini - New Years Ritual

Since it is just one day before the actual day I will just share a very small ceremony you can do for yourself.What ever you already have planned with friends, you could either do it together with them before you start your night or alone at home before you are heading out for your activities. If you are in a warmer country I would suggest you do it outside. Small details which isn’t important, but use them if you feel it is necessary.If I make a little ritual for myself at home, I always do it in my little sacred temple where I have my crystals, small belongings from my travels, my sacred symbols, candles, incents and so on. Where ever I go in the world I always bring these things with me and build it up. There I do my morning meditations, yoni-egg meditations or if I would do a smaller version ritual.But I mean, it is not necessary for you to have a temple at home to do the ritual.If you have one, make it cosy in your temple, if not, just find a place in your apartment where you can make it a little bit nice with candles and cushions to be comfortable. And add what you think is perfect and suitable for the moment.Or. If possible, do it outside in nature. This will maybe take you from 20 minutes - 1 hour depending on how much you would like to spend on it. So about setting your intentions for the New Year.First of all, if you want the support of Universe higher powers you need to also share your inner thoughts and dreams. And sometimes this can also help you to be more clear of what you want for the future. Sometimes we go around half wanting things, or we are not really sure of what we want, and then it is pretty tricky for universe to help move obstacles. When you actually sit down, give it some time and allow your thought to dig deep for your dreams - and then you write it down on a piece of paper and see it in front if you - you get a more clear direction of where you want to head. So you need 2 papers and a pen. + a candle and a bowl with water in front of you. One the first paper you write ”Thing I would like to let go of that doesn’t surve me any more”On the second paper you write”What I would like to call in for year 2020” To start. Sit down. Close your eyes. Make it comfortable for yourself.Start with taking some deep breaths, all the way down to your stomach. Center yourself.Collect your thought - and let them go. Keep breathing and focus on your breath for some minutes, to tap in to a more calm vibration.  When you feel ready you open your eyes. Really feel into what you want to let go of in your life. Thoughts that is holding your back. Maybe an ex-partner you have a hard time letting go of, maybe limited beliefs about yourself that is making you not moving forward in your life, fears that is holding you back, maybe a traumatic incident, maybe a job you really want to quit… What ever it can be, you will know. When you have written down a few clear subjects you feel you are done with, fold the piece of paper. Once again you sit down in a comfortable sitting position. Breathing. Close your eyes. Take the note you just wrote all these things you want to let go of. Hold it close to your heart.  Really try to feel with your whole being how you are preparing your body for these thoughts or events to now leave your body, and how they will create space within you, to instead fill with joy. Use what every technique that works best for you, focus on your sensations of your body, maybe visualize how these blockages are lifting up from your body, out in the sky, leaving your body for good. Watch them dissolve.At the same time, feel in the body how much lighter your are without these thought. Keep on as long as you feel it is necessary. Then you open your eyes. You take the piece of paper and place it over the candle. Let it start burn.Let it burn until you can't hold the paper anymore and then you drop it in the bowl of water.  FEEL IN YOUR BODY - How you are more light without carrying these things with in.  Next mission, is to take the other piece of paper - ”What I would like to call in for year 2020”On this page you start writing your wishes for the coming years. What is your dreams? What would you love to be working on next? Are you looking for love? Any travels you want to manifest? Any artistic goals? What ever it can be, you will know. And remember - dream big and big dreams will come in your way. You are your only limit. When you feel done with your paper, you fold it. Once again sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Relax. Breath deeply. Feel the abundant love you have within you. Feel how powerful our universe is. Feel how magnificent life is. Feel how you believe in your own power to shift your blockages into bliss. Feel how you can evolve into the greatest version of your self. The most important thing is our power to believe in ourselves. Instead of I can't, SHIFT IT TO I CAN!Hold the paper close to your heart.Really tap into this loving vibration. Then you start visualize yourself in all of these dream situations you wrote down.If your dream is to find love. Really see yourself when you are meeting this love. See it in front of you. How will it look when you meet. But most important, how does it feel inside you when you meet this person. Pay attention to details. If your dream is to get this new job, or to accomplish something in your life - really see yourself in front of you getting what you want. How will it look like when it happens. And most important. How will it feel inside you when your mission is accomplished. Keep on as long as you feel it is necessary. Then placing the note on the floor infront of you. If you want - end with a small meditation. Just to make yourself aware what emotions that is flowing with in you. Tro to notice all the subtle sensations. Can you feel that you made som space? Do you feel excited for the next year? Feel the beauty. Feel your presence. Feel the love. I would end it all with placing my hands together into a small prayer. Thank yourself for giving yourself this moment ro reflect over your past and your future. Give yourself some love. Done <3 This note you can then save somewhere in your home. On your altar if you have one. Or where ever you feel is perfect. And if you sometime during the next coming year feel a bit lost, you can use this note, read it for yourself. To keep reminding yourself of what you would like for the future <3 This was a very short version, feel free to add any other details in it. Maybe some singing, dancing, dressing up, any other meditation, yoni-egg meditation. Mine was just a small easy frame for your to start with. Best of wishes <3Sending you so much love for the celebration of the next coming year.And I would like to express my gratitude to all of you <3The endless support I get from you. You are all a part of me - and I am a part of you! LOVE for me