Missing my man

Sorry for being bad at posting now. I'm a bit overwhelmed with my energy at the moment, and its tricky for me to focus on all my areas all the time. What I know is that in two weeks I will be heading towards Italy to this man above and then I will have much more time to express myself here in my blog, which I am also longing for. And my god, how much I miss my man. It was definitely good with a little bit of distance after our very intense period of 5 months together, but I am kind of done now. Now I just want to be in his surrounding again. And going for abundant lovemaking to none... A little bit of a chock for my vagina haha. Wondering what happen with all of this connected action. At least I get to amuse myself with self pleasure and being creative with some sexy videos to entertain my partner. I miss u Manu! Soon we will be reunited. Can't wait.