My hair who have lived thousands of lives - it's time for a refresh from within

In collaboration with Elexir Pharma The pictures above is from maybe 8 years back until now! My hair have lived thousands of lives over and over again. I have literally tried every hair color back and forth. I had a very good hairdresser during these years, otherwise my hair would probably not still be on my hair haha. Anyhow, I haven't really treated my hair with the love that it deserves. So now I am trying to do as little damage to my hair as possible, with good nourishing products and on top of that both me and Manu will start eating these hair supply supplements from now. He also needs a little hair love for sure. I'm very curios to see how my hair flows with these. And I will report back to you how it goes. But I am optimistic since I have been very happy with all their other products. The past years I have experiences my hair falling of more during periods of stress and most definitely becoming less thick than it once was. Also the amount of sun that it gets while I am out traveling had made it very dry, so it really needs some extra juice. SO... Now it's time for me to help my roots from the inside. The tabletts contains natural calcium, magnesium and vitamin K2, B vitamins, silicon and extracts from horseradish, millet and nettle. Zinc can help maintain normal hair, skin and nails. Calcium and magnesium contribute to normal bone structure.I have now worked with Elexir Pharma for almost a year and I really like their products. It's a family friend of ours that started this brand many years ago. I love to support locally made brands. And this recommendation comes as always from my heart!To have a look at their supplements you can CLICK ON THIS LINKTo come straight to Hair Supply CLICK HEREAnd if you want to read more at Elexir Pharmas page, click here <3Facts from Elexir Pharmas webpage:Better hair quality starts with nourishment from withinThe market for hair products is huge. As a consumer, it is even confusing. But there is a simple rule of thumb you can stick to, and that is that the quality of the hair starts in the right nutrition from the inside to the hair roots. As usual, it is our diet that should be responsible for this, but we do not always manage to be so exemplary. Thinner hair, more hairs in the shower strainer…The problem is probably recognized by many, and the fact is that a survey conducted a couple of years ago (Health Panel) showed that many women are dissatisfied with the fact that hair grows too slowly, that you lose too much hair so that it becomes thinner, that it lacks elasticity and luster or splits in the hair ends. Different causes of hair lossThe reasons for hair loss, for example, can be divided into two groups. Partly things that we ourselves affect, like stress, diet and how we treat the hair with a hair dryer, brush etc. Partly causes that are purely medical, hormonal causes, such as menopause.Then one should not forget that part of the hair loss is due to the hair rejuvenation process. The rule of thumb is that we normally lose up to 100 hairs per day on average, and it is "old" hair that leaves room for new hairs. The right kind of nutritionResearch shows that biotin and niacin are important components for normal hair development. Zinc and copper are also important for the hair follicle to be able to develop new, elastic hairs. My hair status right now <3 Let's give you some more love hair! I know you need it!