MY HOME IN INDIA - From dump to treasure - Part 2

So this little space is the area just outside my apartment, the main balcony. Which became my living room and dining room. The nice furniture and the few of the details such the woven box is bought in one of my favorite furniture shops in the whole world. Its called Leela and is in Ashwem/Morjim in Goa. They have the greatest selection of antique furniture and details from all over India. Amazing stuff, you go wild when u enter there. So this year as a birthday gift I treated myself with some goodies hehe....Pillows is from Fara Boutique, who is also my friend. She designs pillow covers too! We are also all wearing Fara in these pictures above haha. Sophia who was working with me came in early January, and we used the second balcony as a working space sometimes ! The only plain area hehe.... Wearing - Studio Tia <3Note book & bowls from Welloteket, every year I always bring some stuff from Sweden that I need in my life. So I also had a lot of stuff already in India since the year before. So it really feels like a home :) My lovely altar, wish I could always travel with it. But kind of inconvenient. Thats were I keep all my sacred crystals and belongings that comes with me where ever I travel. Gifts from close family and friends and things that really means something to me. And also a new painting above that I bought this year in India <3 Both are wearing clothing from my dear friend Lisa - Warriors of the Divine. Dirty dirty walls... That is just how it is living in India, especially with white walls and walking barefoot. And especially when u have lots of sex... then it just come to acceptance hehe...  This blue furniture and this antique mirror is two of the pieces I bought at Leela furniture - it makes so much difference with some nice details. A very good birthday gift for myself :) This very smart clothing hanger is built of a bamboo stick, some pieces of stones and rope. I had another idea in mind at first but my past lover who I called for advise, corrected my plan to a smarter idea, so he built this for me. I thought it was going to break at some point with all heavy clothing - BUT, it stayed strong all season!  Pillows from Fara Boutique <3AND MY LOVES Franziska & Olivia !! My favorite blanket was OBVIOUSLY brought with me from Sweden. From Simon Key Bertman from Tictail. When I arrive early season it cold at night, and always in the mornings :) Something that is important to me is to have my own pictures on the wall, with friends and family and my art work. It feels more personal and like a real home that way. So before I left Sweden last time I printed lots of pictures with my friend Robine at They have always helped me to organize with my printings and art for my homes. SO much thank you for the LAST minute help last autumn haha. I came up with this idea of bringing lots of big printed pictures just a few days before leaving... so it was a BIG stress, but we managed in time for my departure! They print on all sorts of materials too, paper obviously, but on metal and plexiglas too for example. Yeppp, thats my home in India guys. Now its all packed down.... So in 2 months when I leave Thailand, then I will show you mine and manus house here in Koh Phangan hahaha.... No.. I will try to show it earlier than that <3