In collaboration with When I heard about this calendar the first time I got head over heals over the idea. Such and exquisite idea for couples to put and extra spark on the sex life before Christmas. Boost up the energy before vacation. It is good for so many reasons - both for couples who is already experimenting a lot in the bedroom and for couples who maybe are a bit more shy in this area. This is a 24-day long guided intimate journey where someone else is telling you what to do. You get specific toys and instructions which you maybe wouldn’t or would have chosen yourself. If you are in a couple where you feel you have a hard time to express what you would like to experiment more with, or just that you would like to experiment in general - this is perfect. Cause then it won’t be as vulnerable to suggest a specific toy with a purpose. Now it is someone choosing for you, and that it self is a bit arousing. At least for me.  Next is for the surprise factor. That you don’t know what is coming in the next box. When you and your partner sits there all excited in the unknowing of how your sexy night will evolve. That is the factor I like the most, I get all excited and tingly just by thinking that it will be a calendar guiding me and Manu in how we will have sex this night / or how we will have our for play / or what ever instruction it can be.  It can almost be some form of relief also that no one has to take action, or come up with new ideas. It can also be the perfect add on in a relationship if you feel a bit stuck and you feel you have the same sex over and over again. This will help you get ideas of how you can try new things together. So actually, this is so much more than just a Christmas calendar - I truly believe a add on like this will help you get closer with your partner, it will help you both to maybe learn something new about yourself and your partner that maybe you didn't know, it will push you to be more intimate with your partner which will make you come closer together.  And actually… You don't even have to use it for Christmas, if it's a too busy time for you, you can actually do it any month of the year. Me and Manu for example, we started already now since we will go in different directions for 2 weeks in mid december. SO WE ARE STARTING Christmas early this year, woohoo!! I am overly excited!! So now you definitely know what me and Manu will be up to the next coming month hahah… There is a few different calendars (CLICK TO COME TO THE CALENDARS)On classic for couples 995:- (worth 3000 sek)One deluxe for couples 1695:- (worth 4500 sek) Keep reading below.... I will reveal a few toys that will appear in the different calendars, you can see below! The rest I don’t even want to know myself. I am looking forward to get surprised. 24 boxes of goodies!!! Also perfect that all of the toys are pretty small so it will be easy for me and Manu to travel with. Which means, perfect for you to bring on your vacation if you are heading somewhere! Such a great initiative Sinful!I am so happy to do this collaboration with you. More spice for us all please!!