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NEW HAIR BY my beeest Hairdresser... Me love!!!I got a very good reminder last week that too much of something, even if you enjoy it, its not good for u. Especially work. I Love what I do, but not too much work. I hate to stress. Now I have a little bit TOO many project on goings haha... Which makes it a bit messy in my brain. Plus last week I had a few major dead lines. Went up 6 am in the morning and worked until almost 10 pm every evening - you hear - way too much.So all my focus ended up there... So tomorrow I will keep on answering all questions, I have NOT forgotten :-D!!And in a few hours information about the tantra retreat for men and women in October will come up here <3You who I haven't gotten back about yoni massages - I'll answer today or tomorrow.LOVE