NOTHING - Why it's so important to use a natural deodorant!

In collaboration with NOTHING Let’s talk about natural products here!Like with everything I do, I don't believe in an "all or nothing perspective" of life. I am a flexible human being with the awareness that things change and me together with that. I preferably choose a natural product over an non natural product - but not in every case.  BUT - if there is one product I will probably ALWAYS for the rest of my future choose a natural choice - and it’s my deodorant.  Why it is important to use a natural Deodorant!!It doesn’t make any sense what so ever for me to put on something toxic in my armpits which is one of our main areas for the body’s lymphatic system to drain toxicity. There are more than 20 lymph nodes in the armpit which is working very hard to support our body to drain all the chemical stuff we get affected by daily (by choice and also all the other non-choosable junk). I also don’t at all believe in trying to stop our sweat, because the human body was created in a certain way - and we are supposed to sweat (and need to for our health). Sweating is our bodies’ way of regulating temperature and releasing toxins, two very crucial jobs. Antiperspirants and chemical-laden deodorants work to clog up pores and don’t allow the body to properly release the sweat necessary to cool down the body and release toxins.Luckily for our bodies, sweat isn’t what actually smells; it’s just a mixture of salt and water. What does create a more intense body odor is when sweat comes into contact with the natural bacteria that lives on our skin. Changing this reaction is easily done with a natural deodorant. My past years I have also transformed into accepting and even liking my natural body smell, instead of covering myself with lots of strong scents. I am not using deodorant every day - but sometimes I prefer to keep a neutral scent - which is nothing - rather than a "flower deluxe perfume smell”. If I want to smell something, I rather use a natural perfume instead of letting all my products have individual smells. About Nothing (click to come to their webpage)Since I got more aware of the danger of using non natural deodorants I have tried various brands, and to be honest - many of them didn’t work at all for me. Humans are complex beings and we all don’t have the same body chemistry, so what works for someone else may not work for you. If you have tried a natural deodorant and it didn’t work, that may be because the brand or mix of ingredients didn’t work for you specifically, not that all natural deodorant in general doesn’t work. I kept on trying and found one brand in America who worked for me, but that doesn’t ship to Sweden - so it’s been a hassle organizing my deodorants to Sweden or where ever I have been located.  So when I heard about NOTHING deodorants which is a Swedish brand I was head over heals to try it. I always prefer locally produced products if I can find it. Like with all my collaborations, I tried it for a long time until I choose that I wanted to work with them so I can speak from own experience. And I must say - wow. It’s really great and I love that it doesn’t have any specific smells. I just smell like myself in my natural skin odor and even after a sweaty yoga class, no funky odor at all.  Nothing Deodorants is made out of a combination of three natural salts. Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Sulfate & Sodium Carbonate. For the extra curious ones, you can read a very detailed explanation of where these salts is coming from and how they are working with the body CLICK HERE TO READ MORE Important shared valuesAnother VERY IMPORTANT detail why I like their brand even more is that they stand for many of the same values as my own. They have named their product Nothing cause they want to show that it gives no harm for humans, nature or animals. It’s vegan, no perfume, cruelty-free and unisex. The industry of cosmetics and skin-care has established a Women/Men segment that is absurd today. Selling the exact same products in a Pink packaging for Women and Black for Men – even having different prices for it and telling you it makes you more of a man or women.  So if you are still using the normal deodorant you always used, I would suggest you to look into all the small written ingredients and make a little research. Maybe it’s time to give it an extra thought and move on to something which will be so much more supportive for your body! On their webpage you can read lots more in both Swedish and English <3