Nudity. Such a big topic - but a very important one. I understand it's not for everyone to expose themselves naked in public - but for me - I don't see any difference with having clothing than without. I felt like I wanted to touch a little bit on this subject again since I have naturally posted some nude pictures lately. And they will keep coming. Not by purpose, but because I spend lots of my hours naked and there is nothing to be ashamed of or hide behind censurs. What I have noticed in some moments is that I care less of how I look, and about my imperfections while I'm fully exposed and naked, than if I am covering myself in something. I have a very sensitive stomach and pretty often it swells up and gets irritated. If I in these cases try to put clothing on top I always get very self aware and thinks that my stomach looks horrible. And I try to dress so it is the least exposed. But if I for example hang out at the nude beach around other naked people with a swollen stomach - I care less. Because I am just fully exposed and there is no need to try to cover it with something. I accept myself more as I am.Same thing when I get skin irritations, rashes or allergies - if I put clothing on I always choose clothing that covers the most, but if I can be naked I care less about my dots on the skin. Its the feeling of "here I am, the full me". Same thing with cellulite or what ever it can be - if I'm naked - that just my full me. In a perfect world nudity would be as normal as being dressed. Thats how we were born and it's our most natural state of being, with nothing covering our temple. With all beauty just showing and blooming. In most places in the world nudity is always seen as something sexual. For me its just me being the most me that I could ever be. Not sexual, not something that has to do with sex, just me in my most comfortable clothing of choice. I understand that you get different values depending on where you come from, how you grew up, your parents values, influences from the surroundings. Which can give you blocked views of your naked body, make you sexualize it, make you judge it and compare with others etc. But all our conditioned thoughts is possible to decondition with some self work. With a strong willing for change. I also have many blockages regarding all sorts of stuff in life - thats why I am constantly working with my fears, seeking after different ways of working with myself, trying new things - to become as grounded as possible - with the must self love as possible. Which is not always so easy - cause usually we are ourselves biggest self critics. In my past years I have met so many likeminded people, who shares my thoughts about nudity. Who likes to hang out and do normal activities naked. It's so liberating to find people who thinks the same. And now I have also found a partner who is the same - who prefers to be naked most of the times. This is what I have been longing for - a side kick who LOVES to be naked in nature, who wants to change peoples view about nudity, who wants it to be as natural as it is.And it's not about how you look. Its about how much you work with yourself to accept what you got. I understand it's not always so easy. But during my travels I have met people in all sizes, colors and covers - that is equally grounded and happy with themselves - which shines through in their aura. We were born in a certain way - better work to accept and love it rather than compare and try to change things which isn't changeable. p&k