Period cramps? Hormonal disturbances during your period? Yeah, I feel u.

In collaboration with Elexir Pharma Menstrual cramps and emotional disturbances used to be a very present topic in my life before. I usually had about 7-8 days period with a heavy flow, my period cramps started already one week before my actual period, during my period and also after. It was insane. So what happened, I went to the gynecologist in Sweden and as a 16 years old I got put on the pill, like most girls did to easy up the symptoms. Little did I know and I struggled on and of with differents contraceptives, some were better than others, some had very uncomfortable side effects. My strategy before was also to numb my pain with painkillers. Which I am trying to be more careful with these days. I am not anal and against it in anyway, but I am thinking an extra time before I take that decision, first feeling into if I can just be with my pain until it dissolves, which is most often do once I am present with myself in my body sensations. Also trying to not think of it as "pain", more as an intense sensation my body is giving from working very heard to do its job.  For approx. 5 years back started learning of natural ways to take care and support my body before and during my period. At that time I also stopped with my long journey of contraceptives to get my body into it’s natural rhythm instead. Not cause my intention was that I wanted to get pregnant, but I believed there were other ways to protect myself rather than pumping myself with hormones. I started experimenting with various elements and now 5 years later I have gone from a hormonal painful bomb - to a much more in-tuned woman with around one day of period pain, just the first day normally + around a 3 days long period with not so much blood at all. I do still feel some heavy emotions around my period or I am just extra sensitive - but I have just learned how to allow that to flow and be okey with some extra tears during my period. Or at least I have gotten better at supporting myself. That it is natural and okey. So, I usually go into a hermit situation to be in my own space during my period. And then it helps to have an amazing partner also who is helping you with massaging my thighs, bum and lower back. My pain is usually the worst in these areas.  Some key tips that have helped me is:- Looking after my diet before and during my period, eating light, gentle & "healthy food".- Stopped eating animal products.- STOPPED using tampongs!!! Starting with a moon cup made a huge difference and now once I have started ”free bleeding” it’s even better. - Avoiding any forms of stimulants during your period as that will increase your blood flow. - Allowing myself to always be gentle with myself the first day of my period, rest and NOT stress. - Pelvic floor exercise and yoga inversions.  But the most important thing is just to have an awareness around it, learning how to listen to your body, what it needs. Feeling into how you can be gentle and soft with yourself. Choose to not push yourself these days.  I don’t want to impose my ideas on anyone. Do what feels best for you, always, but these topics have worked for me! Since my period have gotten so much better the past years I feel I don't need anything to support my body rather than what I already do. But since I started working with Elixir Pharma I have heard many friends who have tried these natural pills and they really find them working. Wo Ho is composed to create hormonal balance, regulate hormonal activity, create well-being during menstruation and balance the mood. Contains sage that supports the woman's hormonal balance and supports well-being during the menstrual period. Yam root contributes to a calm and comfortable menopause with a balanced mood. Vitamin B6 helps regulate hormonal activity and reduce fatigue and fatigue. - With sage, yam root and vitamin B6- Regulates hormonal activity- Well-being during menstruation- Balances the mood- For hormonal balanceFrom women eating WOHO:”I did not think it would work as I have had very though premenstrual syndrome. But I am totally free from it now. It has literally changed my life. Before, the week before my menstruation, I got really weird in my mood, angry, sad and disturbed at things I would never care about otherwise. Now I even forget that I will have it and pain is as blown away "- Linda "This little pill has made me and my husband have a nice marriage with no unnecessary PMS fractions. Just saying WOHO for this product" - Katrin "Fuck pms once and for all! For me, it got worse since my kids came, until WoHo came into my life!" - Josefine "I love WoHo! It has saved my life. WoHo has changed my life, I have really suffered from my pms and the dietary supplement has removed symptoms completely for me" - ChrystelleNow at they have a 20% discount campaign on all Elexir Pharmas vitamins & products, CLICK HERE to come to their page.If you want to come straight to WOHO, CLICK HERE!And if you want to read more at Elexir Pharmas page, click here <3Would have likes to add again in this post, that I have tried and experienced Elexir Pharmas products for years and I truly believe in their way of working. I got to know about them ages ago since the owner is a family friend. So their products is a recommendation from my heart :) <3