Questions & Answers?!

HELLO WEDNESDAY!!! What a day. Woke up fresh and clear. Happy and grounded. Excited and inspired. Mmmm delicious !So, I have gotten some requests of having a questions and answers in my blog. Also received PLENTY of questions in my email and instagram direct and I am sorry guys, but I just don't manage to answer all your questions all the time. Especially when they are very deep and large-scaled. That's why it's better to collect them all and do a form like this. So ask me anything, regarding my recent ended friendship - I wont go into specifics. Just to let you know in advance <3You can ask in both Swedish and English, and I will answer in the language the question was asked. So make sure to ask your question. Some of the questions I will choose and answer in Instagram Stories or a Live. To ask a question you make a comment on this post!Lots of love to you all <3