SELF PLEASURE MAY, my free sex toy rental for friends and a sharing of my favorite tools at the moment

In collaboration with Kino ShoppingDid you know that May is the International Masturbation Month? A whole month dedicated to celebrating your own pleasure and masturbation in all it's many forms. If you didn't know, you have about 10 days to go full power ;-) So in honor of this festive month, I am doing a collaboration with Kino to offer you a great discount to treat yourself with some self pleasure tools!With the code maxinne10 you get 10% discount until end of June, and if you want an extra 10% of - a total of 20% discount - you just become a member first.CLICK ON THIS LINK TO GET THERE!So 20% discount for some juicy playing tools! Have you got any of your own?Well, I think it is pretty clear that I have quite a few and that I really enjoy adding more to my collection. Sex toys came in early to my life, first playing with what ever I could find at home. Until I got a bit older and me and my girlfriends went to buy our first dildo to share. Sharing is caring, no ;-)? This funny first story of mine became alive for me now during quarantine again.  It started with one of my friends reaching out to me in panic here on the island, feeling so lonely and frustrated cause she had broken up with her boyfriend just before quarantine and then wasn’t able to go on dates or to order any sex toys. So she reached out to me asking if maybe I had an emergency dildo to lend her - and of course I did. I had 3 different dildos and a real penis - a pretty luxurious quarantine situation - so of course I gave her my best one. The message I received just a few hours after she came to pick it up where hilarious…. Haha. A life salvor. Then I had a date night with a friend one night, a few weeks ago, and we started talking about anal sex, anal pleasure for women, anal pleasure for men - and she shared that she never tried a but plug before. And since I have 3 different ones, I felt - oh, this is something you need to try immediately. I lend her my medium size of my favorite trilogy and now she is completely hooked haha.  Then I was on the beach with another friend, and somehow we got into talking about masturbation and I shared about my crazy intense moments with my womanizer. So in the end, my third toy got lend out haha. The feed back I got back from her was kind of similar to me, almost overwhelmingly many orgasms after each other.  So due to this, you could almost say that I am having a form of charity sex toy rental at the moment :-)_________________________________________________________________________ Even though I have a parter I don’t stop to masturbate. We have separate rooms too, so the nights I sleep alone I usually connect with myself. The other night Manu was so tired so he fell asleep much earlier than me, and somehow I was not tired enough and I couldn’t sleep cause I felt horny. We were both going up very early next morning so it was not the right night to wake him up to have sex in the middle of the night, so I decided to masturbate next to him instead. I actually think it was the first time ever, that I masturbated next to my partner while he was a sleep - it was a pretty thrilling experience. And I could at the same time touch his skin very gentle without him noticing.I orgasmed beautifully and after that I had even more energy - a little bit of a fail - but worth it. I had many sex toys even before I started working with Kino, but my favorite ones I have in this moment is all from them. Me and Manu is traveling with quite a few, so here comes my favorite 3! My super dildo - The Pride Dildo. For my preference, the perfect size. I love that it’s flexible, it’s also very easily attached on the floor or the wall. Once it is attached on the floor, you can also ride it, which gives a whole new experience to it. FeelzToys Bibi Twin Butt Plug Set - It’s a set in 3, with different sizes. I have always loved anal stimulation in combination with masturbation, regards to the size I guess it is just a personal taste. I like the small and the medium of these. But its the perfect kit to start with so you can explore what works for you. Womanizer Liberty - The nozzle stimulates the clitoris with a new specific technology, which creates pulsating pressure waves with the help of vacuum and air pressure. In a very comfortable and intense way, so it almost feels like oral sex. I like to use it in combination with stimulation myself from the inside on my g-spot! It is the bomb! If there is anyone of you out there who have a hard time orgasming, this is a really good tip to start explore with. SO - These are my go to right now! But Kino has a big variety of different juicy toys, so happy searching guys, and enjoy the last days of this JUICY MONTH!!!