Soon I am going more offline for a period

Hi guys!So.. not it is almost time for me to disappear from the surface of internet, and go underground for a period. Hehe... not really. But almost ;-) This is actually the first time since I started my blog and instagram that I have taken time for myself intentionally.  My course is 6 weeks + 1 week integration. I will not be completely away for the whole period. But there will be a period of 10 days in a row where we will give our computers and phones to the facilitators and have a TOTAL OFFLINE mood. In my past I have had 3 days in a row completely without a phone. Not checking anything. I have had periods of 5 days maybe from instagram. But this will be a very interesting experience for me. During this period I have prepared some posts that are timed. that I will go in an post from time to time. And most probably I will do some smaller sharing and expressing my process for you.  I want to really take this time to be as little as possible on my technical devices.  I think it is something EVERYONE of us should do more often. A vacation from technical devices. Having social media detoxes. To understand and get grounded what life is really about. I mean, I will never be against social media totally, but I truly believe you need to find you healthy balance with it. And that can vary for everyone.  And I am looking forward to give you a BIG full sharing of this intense process I am about to enter.  Sending you lots of love. And like I said, I will not disappear. It will happen things here on my blog and in my instagram anyway ;-) Most probably you wont really notice anything :-D