Suffering from a dry and not lubricating vagina? - Use nature's golden berries

In collaboration with Elexir Pharma Hey guys <3I am a bit annoyed and frustrated today. Many of you will probably read this post and not at all agree with me, while others will agree completely. It is okey, but I feel I would like to talk about this - our medical system in Sweden. I feel a bit extra vulnerable and open today so I would like to share an issue I have had lately. I am a woman, with a vagina, which I usually have a pretty good relationship with. During my last periods I have felt a disconnection with my vagina, it is like we are not communicating like we normally do. I haven’t figured the readon why just jet, but I have my ideas. But what have happened is that I have gotten hormonal imbalances straight after my period the last times. My skin has gotten very sore and less elastic, and not lubricating as much as I normally do. Almost like my natural lubrication is on vacation. And there is nothing to me that is more frustrating than when something is in imbalance in my lower regions. I went to a gynecologist to have a conversation about what can have caused this. I like to look at issues from many different angels - is it my lifestyle with what I am eating, any products that is disturbing my normal balance, something having to do with sex, what is going on energetically in my mind and in this area, is it something psychologic, and to this - also listening to the opinions from a western doctor.You get it. I don’t like to only trust one source.The doctors respond to this was - "eat this medicin and use this cream and it will go away". And I respond back "okey, thank you, but since I have gotten this after my last periods, I would like to reflect over a way to prevent it to occur again, and to get a understanding of why it is happening to me, is there something I can avoid eating for example, do you have an opinion there"”You have to eat the medicin, and then you can eat as you always do”… He even raised his voice a little bit like he got annoyed with me, and I felt he wanted the meeting to be over.But I had to keep on just a little bit, so I asked ”So you mean, that you actually believe that there is no connection to lifestyle choices, food - that can help causing an issue like mine”.”No, you have to take this medicine”. He starts looking into the computer instead. ”Yes, yes, I get it. I’m not saying I don't want to take this medicine right now, I am asking you for the future, did you get my question?"I could feel how the doctor got really annoyed and it ends with him saying he needs to help another client now, and again referring I need to eat the medicin he subscribed. What about healing naturally then?Don’t get me wrong here, I believe in some cases it is needed with chemical medicines and I am thankful for the help it can give you in critical moments.But it is equally important to look at why something is happening! Doctors who only wants to give medicine on medicine, instead of looking at the cause. I am ONLY talking for own experience here, and this is not the first time a similar story happened to me. Many years ago when I was depressed for a short while, cause of major family drama. A suicide attempt and heavy addiction in my surrounding. I reached out to the hospital where I lived, and in the first meeting without really asking me how I felt and what was going in my life, and without suggesting talking to a therapist for example. She quickly subscribed me two different kinds of strong sleeping pills, a longterm ani-depressant and a super heavy anxiolytic medicine for emergency situation. All this without me asking for anything. I was shocked.Off I was. I didn't use any of them and I healed myself on my own.  I mean - how can a doctor not believe that everything is connected. Body, mind, soul, energies, lifestyle... Back to the subject of vagina heath. Since I couldn't get help from the western medicine system we have here in Sweden, I decided to research myself. I found an amazing woman called ”Yoni Nutritionist” on instagram talking about how to heal your vagina naturally. Found various of tips online what to avoid and what to strive for regarding food. Also took the decision of signing up for an online course of healing your vagina naturally - I felt this is important information I would like to know so I can share it with my surrounding. I will tell you more about it later.But to come to my point - that one thing that have really helped me is Buckthorn extract. It was one of these things that many people recommended online cause it's filled with the oil extract OPTI-7 from organic wild buckthorns. It is very rich in Omega-7. It helps to boost dryness in all our mucous membranes, such as eyes, mouth and vagina. The capsules also contain natural vitamin A which helps maintain the normal function of the mucous membranes as well as the antioxidants Quercetin and Rutin from buckwheat which contributes to a faster relief in fragile mucous membranes and natural D-biotin which contributes to the normal functioning of the mucous membranes. So far this have helped for me a lot - from only using it a month daily, so that why I wanted to share this with you cause after talking to many friends it seems like I am not the only one. I am a sucker for health supplies such as nourishes powders, natural pills and remedies, tinctures and so on. I have written a little bit about it before and I have also received many questions from you what my most important supplements in my daily life is. So next coming period I will share with you some of my go-to’s and also what I boost extra with during certain periods. One this that is very important for me is the brand. Don’t go to the health food shop and just pick the cheapest one, then it's better to don't take them at all. Many brands have bad and not natural ingredients. I have a few favorite brands which I have done research around and found I really like their products. One of them is this - Elexir Pharma - and this is a post in collaboration with them, but not cause they are paying me for it, cause I actually like their products. It is a family friend who started this small Swedish company so I have tried them for years. By now, I think you know that I only recommend you things I actually like. If you also suffer with a "depressed" dry vagina during cold periods, I really recommend this product. If you would like I can also recommend you some natural oils to have on the outside. Woulds you like me to do a post on that too? Comment on this post in that case :) You can fint them in most pharmacies in Sweden, almost all health food shops I have been to in Stockholm have them and if you want to buy them online you can find them at Apotea for example. Otherwise - google Membra Femin Forte and you find MANY shops who has them. Another important thing to add - you can't eat Mc Donalds hamburgers only and believe that supplements will only do the job. Of course it is important to have an overall healthy diet. I eat a lot of natural buckthorn berries as well + boosts with these pills too. A balance is always the key.Luckily us nordic countries has an abundance of these golden berries, for other countries where they doesn't grow then the supplements is perfect to add :)Love/ Maxinne