Heeeey Guys!!! Now I am super happy to inform you all, that a close friend of mine, Skanda is coming to Sweden in October to offer some tantric workshops, some alone and some which I will be a part of. He has been here before so I am happy that he is coming back :)To start with this one - which is for all you men who is ready to open up your hearts and minds for new layers of life. Discover pleasure on new levels in both giving and receiving. It will be held in a very safe container with few participants. Skanda is such a knowledgable man in this field, he was one of my first teachers in my tantra journey. So I am very happy to help him spread the word about his workshop for men <3If you are interested in attending read more below, and then you can email me at tantra@maxinne.se and I will send you more information about it.Skanda also offers Yoni Massage, which is a tantric vagina massage. He have been working with this professionally for many years. For you who don't know what it is, I will write a text about it next coming days <3But if you are interested in Yoni Massage - email me too and I will send you more information. _______________________________________________Information about: TANTRIC LOVER WORKSHOP SEXUAL TANTRIC TECHNIQUES FOR MEN Tuesday 8th of October, Stockholm, 18:30 - Approx. 5 hour workshop A workshop to understand why women appreciate tantric lovers so much. This workshop is dedicated to all men who wants to take their love making to the new level. In this workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of the most important aspects of tantric practices from a mens point of view. In tantra we distinguish three categories of people. Pashu – people who are unaware of their true nature, following others unconsciously; Vira – those who show great courage to mentally step out from the crowd, ready to find out their own truth; Deva – the transformed ones who have discovered their true nature. Tantric practitioners are viras. Those, who are ready to overcome their reactive, biological nature and step out of social and cultural conditioning and step into their full potential. This workshop will help you understand how to master your sexual energy and take your sexuality to a completely new level. It combines lectures with exercises. You will receive knowledge, lots of practical advice and tools which will take your love making to another level. Over the course of the day, we will cover:– Practical application of the masculine principle in lovemaking and relationships– Ways of increasing sexual libido– Brachmacharya – sexual continence– Yogic exercises focused on working with sexual energy– Techniques to control sexual energy and ejaculation– Techniques to create sublimation of the energy– Tantirc way of pleasuring woman The workshop is covering different areas, imparts ancient yogic wisdom presented in a modern and easy to understand way. You will learn many practical steps to allow you to become more masculine and more attractive to women, stop depleting yourself through lovemaking, understand better the differences between male and female sexuality. You will gain new skills which will allow you to feel more pleasure and to give more pleasure to your partner. This workshop is for men only.Interested? <3Email me at tantra@maxinne.seand I will give you more info :) LOVE / Maxinne