Thank you for curing my narrow minded view of marriage

Earings - Lily and Rose by ZetterbergCrown - Pica PicasJumpsuit - Zetterberg Couture Cattis & Christoffer - Thank you for curing my narrow minded view of marriage <3 In comparison to most of my female childhood friends, who was already dreaming about their fairytale weddings from a very young age - I was never sure if marriage was for me. I have felt people get married for the wrong reasons, that it’s just something that ”you are supposed to do” to fit into the norm. That the core of the purpose isn’t the abundance of love for each other. You should meet the love of your life, create a life together, buy a house, produce children, get a car, buy a dog and get married. A big part of me have always strived to life outside this norm, I don't want to put my focus somewhere cause someone else expects that from me. Do you really need to have it on paper, the fact that I love someone? Do I need a priest who tells som bla bla about christianity and say ”until death do us part”. I have also always doubted that there is one perfect someone for me in this universe. I believe there is many perfect someones for all of us, they just fit differently in different parts of your life journey. But I don't believe that it’s the end of my life if I split with someone. There will be more fishes in the ocean waiting for me. So while I am with someone, I am choosing every day to be with him/her. If my feelings one day would change, or my partners would, then it’s time to move on and explore other sides of this world - which will be there waiting for you. It’s such a big promise to vow fidelity and commitment until death. And I believe it also pushed unnecessary pressure sometimes. For sure, I believe that love will be always there, but it’s a possibility that it one day will evolve into something new - and it’s nothing wrong with that. But my point with this is - that while I were at my two friends wedding, which was so beautiful, simple but amazing. It made me think - that a celebration of love it’s the most beautiful thing that can ever happen, if both do it for this massive shared love you have for each other. And it’s possible to make this day your own, and actually, you don't even have to put it on paper. You can just celebrate your love with your friends and family. And I guess it all changes while you are together with someone you feel so strongly for and with a strong belief for the future you want to spend together with that person. For the first time in my life I felt that one day, maybe I want to do this too. But I would like to make it my own. My way of celebrating love - infused with my certain someones way of celebrating love. Very thankful for these magical days! Thank you Mellin Timmas, your love was epic to experience. <3