In collaboration with DeoDoc Wellness(This company is started by two amazing women who really cares about women health. They have been my friends for years and I am a proud ambassador of their brand. I have used their products for years and years and they are my absolute favorite for my dear vagina <3) I am a big fan of Lube. Especially during periods I have lots of love making.  The market is filled with options and I have tried many of them - and now my favorite Vagina-brand Deo Doc have just launched their new lubricant drops. DeoDoc’s team of women doctors have developed a silky soft lubricant with the pleasure and health of women in mind. Their pH balanced formula gives a gentle and long-lasting glide. It’s formulated to counteract vaginal dryness. I have been their guinnea pig since six month back, trying it out before the launch - and I can tell you - you are in for a juicy ride ;-) They are very long lasting since me and Manu have been having a LOT of sex this past 6 month and we just finished our test bottle, perfectly times for a refill at he launch. My vagina lubricates a lot normally, but I still use lube very often. We are all different and lubricate differently, but there is so many different reasons why it’s nice to add on some extra liquids. So I though of going through a little check list of why it is such an important add on to our sex life. BENEFITS OF USING A GREAT LUBESometimes your body takes its time catching up to your turned-on mindA woman's natural lubrication is often a sign of arousal, the same way erections are for men. During sexual stimulation, your blood vessels dilate so more blood flow goes to the genital area. That blood rush prompts various vaginal glands and mucous cells to secrete fluids that make sex easier and more enjoyable for both people involved. Sometimes you can think that you are really turned on, but it just takes a while for your body to get on the same page as your mind. Perfectly normal, it can take some time to become naturally lubricated. That is why its so important to have a fair amount of foreplay before so your body gets it’s time to warm up. It can also vary from the current state of your body, mind and presence. So a little extra drop of lubrication helps to make it more juicy and safe. It can help offset some issues that affect your natural lubrication.There are various reasons why you might feel like your vagina isn't lubricating itself enough. Plenty of women have high desire, but they don't lubricate as much as they'd like because of their menstrual cycle, menopause, medication or emotional blockages. The Pill can diminish lubrication because it alters your estrogen levels to suppress ovulation. When you don't ovulate, you secrete less cervical mucous, which is why your cycle can affect your lubrication levels as well.  It can decrease painful friction that gets in the way of all the pleasurable sensationsIf you are not sure if you are lubricated enough, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you know it’s a big penis or object you will have entering you, it can also help moisturize your skin a bit extra for the expansion.  It can prevent skin irritation after sexAt least for me, sometimes when I am in my super horny mood and I just feel like I want to be penetrated straight away with no foreplay - a tiny bit of lube can really do a great deal. I can think I am fully ready to go and then in the passionated aroused state I don’t really notice that I wasn’t fully lubricated. Then after I can feel some irritation in the skin in the opening. Especially if it's a bit more rough, wild and pounding. So to prevent this state - lube is great.Also during periods when I’m having a lot of sex, I can find my vagina a bit slower on always being ready to go, and the sensation of the skin in the opening can feel a bit warned out - then lube is the only solution for pleasurable sex for me.  Perfect for foreplay & anal sexA good lube is the perfect addition for a really great hand job. It just isn’t the same thing at all with dry rubbing of the penis. Equally perfect when Manu have been pleasuring me with his hands. It is also great for anal sex where we don't lubricate naturally.  Lube is great for solo play tooIt is obviously not only for love making with another person. It is also great for masturbation moments Prevent anxiety for ”not lubricating enough"If you are worrying that your vagina will not lubricate enough to have good sex, having a lubricant at home can help relieve anxiety you have about that. So now for the launch of their lubrication drops I get to offer you 20% discount on - CLICK FOR LINKThe code Maxinne20 gives 20% discount of all Deo Doc's products from today until 15th of March. If you want to read about my other favorite products for vagina care - CLICK HERE.READ MORE ABOUT THE PRODUCT BELOW <3 Q/A from Deo DocWhy Silicone-Based?• Free from preservatives and parabens present in most water-based lubricants• Does not damage the vaginal wall• Only a few drops needed for glide & comfort• Leaves a smooth, moisturized feeling• 100% veganThe Truth About SiliconeThere are many misconceptions about silicones that are not supported by science.The unique molecular structure of silicones allows them to spread easily on sensitive skin, form a barrier that “breathes”, and provide maximum protection against moisture loss. Hospitals use silicones for the management of skin burns, even severe cases.DeoDoc has chosen the purest and safest form of high-grade silicone to formulate our lubricant. Our lubricant is the safest and best-quality according to a study by Pittsburgh University and has been approved by the FDA.The Problem With Water-Based Lubricants?Based on scientific studies, we know that the majority of water-based lubricants have the wrong pH. This can damage the vaginal wall, which can lead to infections.What’s Wrong With Preservatives?Silicone-based lubricants need no preservatives. Water-based lubricants need preservatives to deter any problem bacterial growth.Preservatives can kill off the “good” Lacto-bacillus bacteria that maintain low pH. This can lead to infection inside the vagina.