These past years I have let my hair grow freely to a whole new level. AND I LOVE IT! I enjoy a full bush from time to time and sometimes I trim it a little bit here and there. But I never take it away completely like before. Many years ago I always waxed or shaved and it was a constant hassle when it was growing out, skin irritations and bla bla. And after reflecting over this I have come to the conclusion that I believe it was mostly "the norm" influencing me to do it rather than my own will. After watching porn vaginas I honestly believed that most men could only turn on by a baby looking vagina. Hell no... That is so not the case. I believe it was about 3 years ago when I let all my hair on my body grow out completely, legs, armpits, vagina bush. And it was the first time in my history in a grown up stage that I let i all just be, and it was such a magical feeling. And what I noticed was how much more feminine and sexy I felt in more hair. I LOVED my hair in my armpits and it has stayed ever since, same with the hair on my vagina - it makes me feel so much more full, natural and vibrant. And once I started loving her even more in her natural state I believe that was the energy I sent out too. Cause what I noticed was that my sexual partners loved it. NEVER got a weird reaction over it which I before thought. Also if I am looking to myself, I don't like when men shave their penis. I love a natural bush. The balls could have a little shave or trim but above I love hair. It looks unnatural to me with totally shaved. With the balls its mostly just cause a full bush there makes it a bit harder to have them in my mouth, it gets very rich and fluffy and with added unwanted dental flossing haha. But.... it is all a preference. I don't have any opinions of women who decide to shave or wax, its completely up to the individual person to decide. But its a good question to reflect over. If you are really doing it for yourself or if you do it cause society expects you to. BUT... now we are talking about MY preference here. And even though I enjoy my vagina hair I don't enjoy hair in my bikini-lines. By the looks and my skin gets irritated there while wearing bikini or underwear. Even if I just leave it my skin gets irritations from being in the humidity in the tropics and having a bikini rubbing there. And if I try shaving or waxing it another irritations appears. So now I have found my best beauty hack so far - IPL.I asked my friend Anna for help since I am very picky who gets to treat my beloved vajayay. Also cause before I had heard from so many that if you have fairly light thin hairs, you will not get a good result. Oh, so wrong they had! Felt like almost all hair was gone after only two sessions. However, when you have light hairs, you have to use a higher power on the laser, which gives a tiny temporary burn in the skin a few days after, almost not visible, but which then heals super quickly and then the hair is gone. Have wanted to do this for so long but Anna has always complained that I am either too tanned or I have been going somewhere to be in the sun - and it's best if you are as pale as possible. I started last year in the same time, but now when I have been home a bit longer I have been able to do more sessions, you need a few to get it all away. I have to admit that it gives a stingy sensation while doing it, but its for less than a second and 100% worth it! Best beauty treatment ever for me! It is indescribably nice to not even have to think about that area. SO many times that my bikini-lines have bothered me with skin irritations and an uncomfortable feeling in myself. Now it is only soft baby skin is left - wooop woop! Warmer latitudes, here I come! Anna Welander is a good friend of mine and has been for several years, so I can really highly recommend her if this interests you! I never recommend something I don't really really like! If you want to reach her for questions etc, she can be found at Riddargatan 20 in Stockholm, and can be reached on 0735255752. Normally it costs 2000 SEK at a time, but now she has a cheap autumn deal right now.