"We would like if the armpit hair is not showing in the pictures please"

Some collected comments from my Instagram. It is okey if you have your own opinions, but can I please choose for mine without these types of comments... Hi lovelies!I recently went through a weird experience with a former client to be which I would like to share with you. And in saying that also sharing with you how important it is for me to really be in-tune with the companies that I work and collaborate with.  If they stand for something I am in any way against, or don't share - I will never work with them. As long as I am aware of it of course. Money is not my core drive with my work.I have been offered big amounts of money to represent companies, and turned the offers down cause I feel we don't share the same values.  And through my years in this social media world, this is the most unpleasant situation I have had so far. And for that I choose to end the collaboration in the middle of the process and send their stuff back cause I didn't want to be connected with a brand who had so limited visions of female beauty. Also an extra disapointment that I knew the girls personally since way back, not close friends of mine but women I liked. And without spreading hate towards them and outing which company it is, I just want to share my story and how it made me feel. So I will keep the company name for myself.  I was supposed to do a big photoshoot for a brand here in Koh Phangan as soon as I arrived. And I was supposed to be one of the main models + with some other friends here on the island who were already approved. It was also the shoot I had already prepared myself so much for. I arrived here in the afternoon and the first photoshoot took place already the morning after with jet lag. Cause the company needed the photos as soon as possible.  The shoot happened. I put my heart and soul into these photos and personally I LOVED them. Both me and my friend who was the other model with me was really exited for the project and created with love. I started editing all pictures after. I sent the pictures over. And they expressed their discomfort with armpit hair. That "they personally didn’t care about body hair", but they didn’t want their brand to be connected to such thing. I found it was very cowardly to try to hide behind their brand. Either you stand for your opinion or you are not. We are also talking about a very small clothing brand here, so the ones who booked the collaboration with me is also the owners and decides everything for the brand.  I shared with them that I now understand their need for a mainstream feeling - and that I am quite the wrong person in that case - which is also quite clear in my social media. Of course I could create a mainstream feeling, but getting directives afterwards when the shoot is already done - where I am a model and are supposed to represent their brand - when I have body hair myself - it felt very strange to me to do so. I am a creative artist with a strong messages and not just a normal model/photographer you pay to do what every you want. I have a strong life philosophy and a spiritual path that I embody in my creations. The values and vision that they wanted me to work for are exactly what I have been fighting against for a few years back, and because of this also been recognized as a norm-breaking influencer.  Either they didn't understand who I am and and what my art represents, or they hoped to change my unique art to the mainstream. In both cases, I am afraid that there is no room for a collaboration from my side. If they would have shared this taboo in the beginning, I would never have chosen to work with them in the first place. They shared that it is not a big deal for them, but at the same time they couldn’t imagine using any pictures with body hair in their channels.  They were not willing to give up the spreading of unhealthy stereotypes and let women be inspired instead by a genuine message. Genuine in the form that I and the other model actually get to look like we do in our natural state rather than changing it. Then this is really not for me.  I want to represent brands that promote women's strength and uniqueness.If I would have kept on this collaboration, I feel it would have been a huge setback of the messages I want to spread.For so many years, body hair has not been considered attractive on women.The mainstream thinks we should wax, shave etc … Everything is a matter of taste, and I do not advocate that you shouldn’t shave either. But instead that it should not matter. It is beautiful either way.And I feel it's even more important in a company created by women, to allow their unique beauty to stay as it is. If I were to do as they suggested, edit some pictures for them where the hair is not visible or erase the hair in photoshop - it would have felt diminishing of my own being.  I kindly told them that they should hire a mainstream photographer, with mainstream models, make better research before and be extra cautious to choose women with no body hair in the future. The brand obviously asked me to please not go out with this information. And my intention with this is really not to start any form of hate campaign. I just wanted to share my story of how I felt I wasn't good enough in my natural state, and that I had something on my body that wasn't suitable for their brand. So I sent their stuff back.And it felt good in my core that I was true to myself and my values. So for all future brands who wants to collaborate with me, do some research. I have armpit hair. That’s the way I like myself the best. If it doesn’t suit you, I am just not for you <3