What do you want more of?

Also I thought, to kickstart till Autumn and to help me with even more inspiration - I would like to ask you guys what you want more of. What do you enjoy reading from me?Is there some specific idea you have that I should bring up or write about?You want to know how to live more freely? How to break free from the norm today?How to dare to go out travel more? How to meet people?More about love making? Masturbation? Meditation? Yoga?I have received many questions about my lifestyle, how to start present, what work outs I do - so I will write about that too. But any details here? Any specific requests?More about relationships? Nudity? How to accomplish your dreams? How to find yourself...Yeah, you get it :) <3Write as many tips as possible so I have a wild range of topics to dig into for you. Lots of love / M