YOGIA.se - second collection launch

In collaboration with Yogia.se Discount code: LOVEFOREVER I did a shoot with Yogia.se recently here on Koh Phangan for their launch of their second collection of yoga pants and clothing. We had so much fun while taking the photos and creating magic with their pieces. Me personally I love the fit on these, they are like a second skin. A little color brights up everyones day :-DSo, for the launch now they have 2,5 days of 15% discount of everything on their webpage until Sunday night. They have everything from yoga wear, kimonos, jewelry, all sorts of tools you could need while living a yogic lifestyle. I think it's the best collection of great brands in a Swedish online-shop :) Warriors of the Divine, Brahmaki, Ananda Soul, Girlfriend Collective - and obviously their own amazing brand. Everything we are wearing you can find on their online shop - Yogia.se (click to come to their webpage)LOVEFOREVER is the discount code and it is valid until Sunday evening.If you would like to come to the tights directly click on this link <3I hope you like them as much as I do. Love working with them :)