#yonilovemovement In paid partnership with Understatement UnderwearClick to come to the underwear collection PUSSY EMPOWERMENT During the summer until now I have worked on this project "YONI LOVE" together with Marie & Maria at Understatement Underwear. Where I have designed a collection of underwear sets - but most important a triology of panties with statements like "I own my Vagina," Pussy Power ” & "Yoni Love”. With the main goal to raise awareness about our problem today that most women do not actually have a loving relationship with their vagina. New studies from Sweden shows that ”almsot every second woman is ashamed of her genitals”THIS we must collectively change with strong sisterhood. It hasn't helped that we have lived in a society where the social norm has not directly made it easy for us to accept ourselves as we are.The porn influence, where all women sports the same type of vagina and look in general - and that is not really how the reality looks like.The fact that labia surgery (cosmetic reconstruction of the female genitals physical appearance) is one of the most common beauty surgery today in the US - THIS is something we need to change! We need to re-program ourselves and start loving us for us, how we were born into this universe. Our vaginas comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. And they are equally as magical in their unique essens.  Together, we want to spread more knowledge around self-acceptance, how to learn to love your vagina for who she is, to help build a relationship with your inner self and your femininity. Along this project I have also created a mini handbook for women and the connection to their vaginas. With a step to step guide how to come closer with your inner self, how to get a bigger understanding of the power you are withholding, with guided exercises and illustration made by me to build a closer contact to your vagina.  We will donate 15% of the sales to @plansverige that works for children's rights and against female genital mutilation. To stop this indescribably horrible method and to help some of the 200 million affected girls and women. A project by women for women. The vagina - our most sacred body part on the women's body.What makes us most unique as women.Our creation that can create another human being,give birth and give us endless pleasure.She is magical and deserves the most potent love and respect.She is perfection. Let's celebrate her I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in our project. Helping with their beauty or expertis.First a big thank you Marie & Maria, for being the two strong and creative women that you are, and for believing in my idea.Then to Mira & Thilda Berglind who are dear friends of mine. Who have filmed and photographed, and doing the creative content around the campaign together with me. I had an idea and we made it to reality together. It wouldn’t have been the same without you by my side.A massive thank you to my mum Helene Björk for exciting, she is THE power woman in my life. Thank you for your beautiful teachings and for being you.Thank you beloved Josefin Dahlberg and to Ohlamoon. For letting me youse your beauty in the campaign and for borrowing your office and crystals for the shoot.Thank you magical Sofie Kraft for sharing your beauty with the world in our campaign.Thank you Saffo's Blommor for the abundance of roses for the shoot. With all our Love/Maxinne, Marie & Maria <3